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The weekly newsletter from 26th February to 04 march 2021


A paradoxical executive and legislative authority and the shadow of guardianship of Al Azhar remains:

The House of Representatives would be ready to discuss new amendments submitted by the government to the “terrorism” law to include new articles and penalties. The proposed amendments prohibit renting apartments without notifying the Ministry of Interior within 24 hours of concluding the contract or housing them. Article 33 stipulates that anyone who leases a property or unit without notifying the police department or station in whose department the property is located shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of no less than a year, and a fine of not less than five thousand pounds, and not exceeding 10,000 pounds, or one of these two penalties.

According to the bill, it would oblige the criminal court to include seizing the real estate as a result of the conviction ruling for a terrorist offense. The amendments recognize the Public Prosecution authority or the competent investigation authority to close the places of manufacture or design of weapons that were used in any terrorist crime and to set controls for organizing a notification mechanism for renting real estate as a preemptive step to prevent the threat of terrorism and to decide the appropriate punishment for those who violate this obligation.

  • The House of Representatives is engaged with the widespread societal controversy that resulted in the publication of a draft attributed to the government of the Personal Status Law, by referring the bill to the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee in the House for study, or by confirming that the published draft does not express the final situation of the government and that the latter has not sent its final draft of the law to Parliament yet . The articles of the proposed law have caused a societal controversy between rejection and acceptance of its provisions, at a time when the government represented by the Ministries of Justice or Parliamentary Affairs, did not deny until the date of writing the bulletin whether the draft was related to it or not.

The cabinet approved finally the bill related to the issuance of the Personal Status law on the last January 20, after reconsidering it by the cabinet and avoiding the remarks that were made on a number of articles during the previous meeting of the Cabinet. After that, the government is expected to present it to the House of Representatives. The bill includes 194 articles and provisions related to organizing engagement, marriage contract, divorce, annulment and separation, and woman-sought divorce, in addition to alimony,custody, inheritance, guardianship and trusteeship for Muslims. In addition, provisions for litigation procedures in matters of personal status and the creation of a fund to support and care for the family to provide resources for implementation of Judicial rulings on alimony as well as a section on penalties.

Representative, Diaa Al Din Dawood, member of the Legislative Committee announced that his committee didn’t receive the bill till now, however he expects that the Speaker of the House of Representative would refer the bill to the Committee in order to study it and give its legal opinion on its provisions as soon as possible. In addition, Mohamed Abu Hamed, previous MPs who previously presented a personal status bill, said that the published copy repeats the texts of Al Azhar bill on Personal Status and its texts are strict and reactionary. He added that this bill gives women guardianship and permits her with her right to get married, however at the same time it gives her father and brother and others the right to appeal on her marriage contract under the pretext of inequality. Abu Hamed added that the government and Al Azhar had suspended the issuance of the new personal status law over the past five years, explaining that the Senate was established for issues that need community consensus and that it should conduct a community dialogue on reaching a consensual draft that guarantees the rights of women, men and children in the family, according to Reality and practical requirements, not a narrow interpretation of Sharia principles.

Sheikh of Al Azhar, Ahmed Al Tayeb, confirmed in a televised interview in January 2019, that Al Azhar will not leave the personal status law to anyone except for religion’s scientists. He added that Al Azhar is not a legislative body and has no involvement in legislation, however when it comes to laws related to Islamic Sharia, the matter wouldn’t be left to anyone but scientists.

As a result, the Legislative Committee in the House of Representatives, headed by Counselor Ibrahim Al Henidy approved to postpone law no.186 of 2020 related to Real State Registration till June 30, 2023. Al Henidy confirmed that “the House of Representatives interacts with public issues and feels the citizen’s sufferings and can’t do otherwise”  The head of the Legislative Committee explained that the proposals for postponement came after the appearance of problems related to implementing the amendments of Real State Registration law and its negative repercussions on the Egyptian street..

  • Last Saturday, students of the first grade of Secondary school in Gharbia governorate was surprised that the system of exams and Internet service were down on their tablets during the Arabic Language exam which has led to their inability to fully answer their exam.

The Fairmont rabe case revealed a crisis of confidence in justice

The Public Prosecution issued a statement, calling on everyone to do their positive societal role by presenting video clips of the incident of raping a girl in Fairmont Nile City Hotel to the “Public Prosecution” whether directly or via email and that is guaranteed by the necessary technical protection. “The Public Prosecution” asserts that the data of witnesses and those who provide this evidence are confidential and protected, in compliance with the provisions of the constitution and the law..

As the investigations into the incident have revealed a lot of people watched a video clip of the assault against a girl in the Fairmont Nile City Hotel during 2014. In addition, some persons who had watched this clip or known its details or had a relation with the accused persons or the victim, received threats in order to discourage them from making their statement to the investigative authority or presenting the clip to it. Due to these fears, one person who has the clip, created an account on social media under a pseudonym and sent pictures that he has taken from the clip to some witnesses. Then he closed the account due to his fears.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution is a merciless guillotine for an opponent and activist or a journalist

The Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP) in Egypt has decided to imprison the journalist Jamal Al Jaml  for 15 days or remand pending investigations in case no.977 of 2017 of the Supreme State Prosecution counting which is famously known in the media as “Mekameleen 2” against Mekameleen channel which supports Muslim Brotherhood and broadcasts from Istanbul. The defendants face several charges, including spreading false news, joining a terrorist group and inciting against the State’s institutions.

Al Jamal disappeared for 5 days after being arrested at Cairo airport while returning from Turkey, before appearing at the State Security headquarters. Al Jamal decided to leave Egypt and travel to Istanbul several years ago, after stopping his articles in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper

  • Eight human rights organizations, in a statement, demanded the urgent release of Manar Adel Abu Al Naja, 27, a teaching assistant of mathematics at Tanta University in order to return to her three-year-old child, Al Baraa Omar. The organizations demanded that the fate of her husband, Omar Abdel-Hamid Abu Al-Naja be cleared. The statement confirmed that the Ministry of the Interior is responsible for his safety and life.

Lawyer, Aisha Nabil, who accidentally attended the investigation with Manar, said that she appeared with her son on February 20 before the Supreme State Security Prosecution which charged her with “joining and financing a terrorist organization” in Case No. 970/2020, after an enforced disappearance that lasted for nearly two years in which she spent with her son in detention rooms, not cells, between the National Security headquarters in Alexandria and Abbasia. This case dates back to March 9, 2019, when a security force went to the home of Abu Al Naja in Alexandria, and arrested Manar, her husband and their baby, later the communication with them was cut off until the appearance of Manar and her child last February..

After the Prosecution ended investigations, Manar was transferred to the women’s prison in Al Qanatir, while her family received the child on the next day February 21 to live with his aunt. While receiving the child, “he was terrified when he was separated from his mother, and kept screaming that he wanted to return to the dormitory (room) in which he was likely to have spent the period of enforced disappearance with his mother for two years

The midterm elections for the Council of the Syndicate of Journalists. Will it make a change?!

The health sector: The martyrs of doctors are increasing and prioritizing the distribution of the vaccine

  • The Minister of Health and Population announced the opening of the website, starting next Sunday, to register citizens of the deserving categories of the elderly and those with chronic diseases from the age of 40 years, to receive Coronavirus vaccines, as the website allows citizens to include 3 medical reports to determine the health status of citizens, and the site automatically determines the priority to receive the vaccine. Then, a text message is sent to citizens with the time and place to receive the vaccine, have a medical examination to measure vital functions, receive the first dose of the vaccine and receive a follow-up card to receive the second dose.

According to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate page, the number of the victims of doctors who combate Coronavirus has reached : 

0 martyrs


A stable parliamentary week in light of the ongoing crisis in the country:

 Parliamentary action for this week takes a normal course and we didn’t record any debates or violence among representatives. The Assembly’s Agriculture Committee called for the necessity for immediate and direct interference of the Prime Minister due to importing amounts of quantities of carcinogenic rice during January.

On Tuesday, March 02, 2021, Female members of the Social and Economic Rights Committee for Women in the Tunisian Organization for Democratic Women attended the plenary session dedicated to discussing bill no.118-2020 related to regulating working from home in order to present their reservations and recommendations in order to encourage female and male representatives to submit amendments proposals to develop the bill and clear it from a number of important deficiencies that some of them may lead to further disruption of the situation of the female workers in the sector and deepen their exploitation.

The encounter marathon among the three presidencies continues:

epublic made a phone call with the Tunisian space scientist at NASA, Mr. Mohamed Obeid. He expressed his sincere congratulations and wished him more success in his research and contributions in manufacturing “Perseverance Rover” spacecraft that recently landed successfully on the surface of Mars.

From his side, the Prime Minister, Hecham Mechichi has met with the ambassadors of the Group of Seven (G-7) the world’s major industrialized countries and the EU ambassador in Tunisia, with the presence of Ali Al Kaaly, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Investment Support. On this occasion, he presented an overview of the economic reform program and structural reforms that Tunisia intends to undertake to overcome the effects of the economic crisis in light of the spread of the Coronavirus.

In addition, Mechichi has gone to Béja Governorate and he was received by the governor and a group of security leaders at the entrance of the Governorate. During this visit, he supervised the inauguration of the “Alef” technology center in Beja. The “Alef” Technology Center in Baja is the second center of its kind after the Siliana Center, which is within the “Alef” program to establish 10 centers in the interior regions (Siliana, Beja, El Kef, Kairouan, Medenine, Gafsa, Jendouba, Tozeur, Gabes, Sidi Bouzid) for the training and rehabilitation of young people who demand employment in delicate and promising professions through a targeted training program in languages, communication, software development and digital marketing, through a partnership between the public, private and civil society sectors, and with support from the European Union and the French Development Agency.

In the same context of his interest in development and employment, Mechichi has met with PHD. Fathy Al Maisawy who had participated in the sit-in of unemployed PHDs. It is noteworthy that Al Maisawy is regarded as an honor for Tunisia especially that he is a special needs person who had a difficult social situation which didn’t prevent him from succeeding and reaching the utmost levels of scientific excellence. During the visit, Mechichi announced that a ministerial working session will be held next Friday devoted to unemployed doctors, in which he will examine the procedures announced during his visit to the PHDs sit-in earlier. In addition, working to increase the number of delegates by coordinating with public institutions and facilities that include research laboratories. .

Kais Saeied, the President of the Republic has visited Menzel Mehiri commune in the Kairouan Governorate as he visited the land on which the Aghlabid multidisciplinary Medical City project will be built which would start its work soon. On this occasion, the President of the State declared the formation of a technological body for Health that would be in the form of a public institution with a non-administrative character and that its legal text is ready. This body would be under the supervision of the Ministry of National Defense and would include representatives from different relevant ministries. It would make detailed technical and financial studies and other studies for each component of the city separately through national and international studies offices.

0 Million dinars
especially the project of preparing and valuing the Sebkha Séjoumi

In addition, Rached Ghannouchi, the Speaker of the Assembly,has visited Tunis to check development projects and review the project of preparing the Sebkha Séjoumi in order to view the stalled projects and major problems in the neighborhoods after communicating with a number of citizens of delegates from  Tunis 1 region, especially the project of preparing and valuing the Sebkha Séjoumi which its cost is estimated at 400 million dinars, as the Ministry of Equipment prepared a comprehensive study to prepare it according to an environmental approach in order to preserve its nature and its global classification. 

The intensification of encounter between the Presidencies of the Executive Authority about the issue of vaccination:

The war broke out for the second time between the presidency of the Republic and the Cabinet, following the announcement of the Presidency of the Republic that it had received 500 vaccinations against Coronavirus, at the initiative of the United Arab Emirates. Kais Saeied, the President of the Republic has ordered the handling of these doses to the Public Administration for Military Health. The Presidency of the Republic affirmed that no one, not from the Presidency of the Republic or other departments, has been vaccinated with this vaccination, pending further confirmation of its efficacy and arranging priorities for benefiting from it. This statement has angered the Prime Minister who confirmed that he doesn’t have a knowledge with these vaccinations, their source nor the extent to which they obtained from the legal conditions or their outcome. In addition, the Prime Minister has ordered a real investigation in order to uncover the circumstances surrounding the entry of this vaccination, how they are disposed and distributed. In addition, Rached Ghanouchi categorically denied receiving any kind of vaccination from any party

This angered the President of the Republic who stated during his meeting with the head of the Supreme Council of Judiciary that “there are those persons who spread rumors of the arrival of Corona Vaccine doses to the Presidency of the Republic. This is a lie.. Today we need vaccinations against Corona and against lying and slander too, and i don’t think that it would be effective. Vaccination isn’t suitable for what was corrupted by time”.

Despite the tension between the heads of the executive authority, the Prime Minister Hecham Mechichi wrote to the President of the Republic thinking him after the response of Shikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Prince of Qatar to the President’s call not to implement the death sentence against the Tunisian citizen Fakhri Al-Andalus, and to postpone it while considering an alternative punishment.

In an attempt to end the state of tension between the three presidencies and in an attempt to resolve the existing crisis, the Committee on Administrative Reform, Good Governance, Anti-Corruption and Monitoring the Disposition of Public Funds in the Assembly of the Representatives of the People decided to direct an official correspondence to the head of the National Anti-Corruption Commission regarding a request to provide it with a written report on suspicions of corruption and conflicts of interest. Concerning the concerned members of the recent ministerial modification. In addition, the committee asked the head of the commission to provide it with the judicial suits for these files, in case of any, during a meeting which it held, part of which was dedicated to listening to the president of the Court of Accounts on the court’s last report.

The Ennahda march is meaningless, journalists were assaulted and citizens are discontent:

It is a march by a number of party members with a large crowd of supporters on Saturday, February 27, 2021, at Mohamed V Street. Analysts and politicians didn’t understand until this moment the main goal of the march. Is it a protest or a carnival or just a mere show of power, especially that the Country is living in a state of instability? The head of the movement, Rached Ghannouchi, tried to clarify this goal through a statement he issued on Saturday 27 February 2021, in which he confirmed that this march comes to confirm the adherence of Tunisian women and Tunisians to the choice of the leading democratic state and its elected institutions.

This march angered many citizens, as we witnessed not too long ago the suppression of many protests and the detention of many lawyers and youths. Today, the Ennahda exerts its influence and makes marches without any disturbance and without the slightest respect for health protocol and physical distancing. In addition, this  angered many other sectors, which the preventive measures from Coronavirus have stopped their livelihoods, the most important of which are the cultural sectors, art and tourism which expressed their dissatisfaction with the actions of the Ennahda movement and demanded reciprocity.

It is not a secret for anyone to know the catastrophic status of hotels during Corona pandemic, as the matter reached the point that some owners closed their hotels which was confirmed by the head of the Tunisian University of Hotels/ In addition, She  confirmed that 80% of the hostels are closed and a minority work at the end of the week, calling for a gradual resumption of work and an end to the compulsory quarantine.

A number of journalists and photographers were subjected to some assaults during their change of the march, in a frequent scene from the movement’s supporters, especially the assault with lightning violence. However, the movement realized its action and apologized for that through a statement confirming that such attacks do not represent it.

On the other hand, the Labor Party, in turn, led another march in parallel, from Bab Al Khadra Square, in the presence of Hama Hammami. Through which party members expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the deteriorating economic situation of the country and the high level of indebtedness.

In another context, away from the marches and quarrels, a consultative meeting was held on Monday, 1st of March 2021, between a group of national parties and personalities, within the framework of converging views and coordinating situations. This meeting has included the Hope party which is the Initiative’s owner, other eight parties, a civil coalition and a number of national figures such as Abdel Karim Al Zobaidy, Al Azhar Al Karaoui Al Chebi, Kamal Al Aqrout, Mostafa Kamal Al Nably and Fadel Mahfouz. This meeting tackled the public situation of the country and the ways to overcome the crisis.

Is the health sector going for the worse with the emergence of the new strain .. Health workers make a panic shout:

It is noticed that the number of cases of infection and death with Coronavirus has decreased during this period as after the numbers exceeded a thousand infections per day, they did not exceed 600. In addition, the number of death cases has become between 20 and 30 cases. However, all of this cannot be reassuring in light of the emergence of the British strain in Tunisia, a strain known to spread quickly compared to the regular strain of Coronavirus, as well as in light of the lack of vaccination until today. 

On February 26th, the Ministry of Health informed that the “VACCINE AstraZeneca” for COVID19 obtained an exceptional and temporary promotional license on the Tunisian market. This will enable accelerating procurement procedures for this vaccine, which is added to Pfizer vaccination as part of the COVAX initiative. In addition, the Presidency of the Republic received the readiness of the People’s Republic of China to provide part of these vaccines to Tunisia in the form of a donation, as the Chinese ambassador, Mr. Zhang Jianguo, expressed his country’s readiness to provide one hundred thousand doses of vaccinations against the Covid 19 virus, once the mechanisms for transporting the vaccine were provided in the next few days.

The Tunisian Association of Young Physicians held a march in which to denounce the health sector conditions, and the march began on Tuesday, March 2, 2021. For its side, the General Physicians’ Union of Public Health announced its boycott of the vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus, in protest against the supervisory authority’s failure to respond to a number of demands, on top of which is the revision of Governmental Order No. 341 of 2019 related to controlling the conditions for obtaining medical studies. In addition, the wave of anger has included the private sector as the representative of the Syndicate of the private sector doctors denounced the Tunisian Union for the Liberal Professions excluding private sector doctors from compensation for occupational diseases related to Covid-19 as an occupational disease subject to compensation and reparation, denouncing what he considered “strange neglect” of the two ministries Health and social affairs

In addition, the Tunisian General Labor Union confirmed in a report that it decided to implement the postponed strike on the 3rd,4th and 5th of March and continue the boycott of all university activities in light of the government’s lack of commitment to publish orders for university dentists, physicians and doctors despite postponing the strike more than one as the Ministries of Health, Public Office and Finance pledged to publish these orders within the agreed deadlines and later they retracted these pledges.


Does the operation for granting confidence to Al Dabiba government gather the Libyan rivals?

This week in Libya discussion continues on granting confidence to the Libyan government which was created through the recent Geneva agreement among Libyan rivals, as the House of Representatives which is held in Tripoli, confirmed that it is ready to hold a session in order to unify the two council with the full legal quorum in any Libyan city, provided it is free of mercenaries and foreign forces and that this session would be held with the presence of international and local observers, according to the House’s bylaws. The House declared in a statement the commitment of its members to deal positively with raising the issue of granting confidence to the government of national unity in all possible ways, including communication remotely, in the event that the House of Representatives could not meet within the specified time. In addition, the House expressed hope that the outcomes of the Forum for Political Dialogue contribute to unifying state institutions, ending the state of division, and conducting comprehensive national reconciliation on the basis of achieving justice, reparation for harm and the return of the displaced persons, holding the perpetrators accountable and uncovering the facts of mass graves..

In a related context, Sirte continues its preparation to hold the session of the House of Representatives on March 8 in order to grant confidence to the new unity government, headed by Abel Hamid Dabiba. The Libyan Army has supervised the operation of preparing the International Ghardabiya Airbase in Sirte in order to receive the members of the House of Representatives. The official page of the Army Chief of Staff of the Libyan Army has published pictures that show the operations for preparing Ghardabiya Airbase in order to receive the any delegation from the House of Representatives or the Government that would attend the session for granting confidence to the new unity government which was called by Aguila Salehm the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Libyan Joint Military Committee has declared Sirte as “ a secure city” which is ready to hold a session for granting confidence to the national unity government. From his side, Sirte Municipal Council Chairman Salem Amer discussed with the city’s tribal social council preparations and arrangements to host and convene the parliament session.

Chairman of the Municipality of Sirte Salem Amer

The Constitution Drafting Assembly calls for a referendum on the constitution before holding elections:

Concerning the repercussions of the political dialogue, the Commission’s delegation for drafting the constitution presented a proposal to Ján Kubiš,  UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for Libya and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), to consider next December 24 as the date for the referendum on the draft constitution, given that here the date has been set as a date for the democratic merit, and cutting The way for any excuses to be pushed with the intention to bypass the constitutional entitlement, and the UN mission announced earlier that December 24 will be the date for elections in Libya, after the election of a transitional government and a presidential council through the Forum for Political Dialogue.

While members of the delegation suggested a proposal among three proposals to the head of the UN mission, to adopt the results of the constitutional committee agreed upon in Hurghada, under the auspices of the United Nations mission, as it was carried out in accordance with the timeframe specified in the roadmap for the preparatory phase, and considered it a basis for conducting the next general elections, according to a statement to them. In addition, they suggested holding the presidential and legislative elections after the referendum on the draft constitution, which will not exceed a few months and are prepared by a decision issued by the Board of Directors of the High Elections Commission according to specific technical perceptions that are far from any political considerations, and subject to follow-up and evaluation of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the state. During the statement, the Commission’s delegation for drafting the constitution responded to  what the UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for Libya and the Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL),Ján Kubiš, proposed regarding his proposals on the constitutional path during his meeting. The delegation affirmed that the mission’s talk about holding legislative and presidential elections on December 24 is an end to the transitional stages in Libya, “not pursuant to the concept of transitional stages, while general elections were not held in accordance with the provisions of the country’s permanent constitution ». They explained that the Libyan situation “will continue under the description of the transitional situation, and its dangers and harms remain, stressing that “ whenever the beginning of building the authorities and institutions of the future state of Libya is delayed, based on a constitutional reference that is approved by the people through a general referendum, the crisis deepened, disputes multiplied and the reasons for failure multiplied, and problems become more complicated

The report of the UN Committee of Experts confirms vote buying during the recent political dialogue:

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya, through its statement, urged the House of Representatives to meet to discuss the vote to give confidence to the government of Prime Minister-designate Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba and noted that it does not receive reports submitted by the UN Panel of Experts to the Security Council Sanctions Committee (PoE) in reference to what has been circulated. Media reporter about the team’s recent report on allegations of bribery during the sessions of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Tunis. The United Nations Support Mission in Libya confirmed that the PoE is an independent and completely separate entity from the United Nations Mission, which reports to the Security Council Sanctions Committee, noting that any inquiries in this regard should be directed to the Sanctions Committee.

In a report submitted to the Security Council, experts from the United Nations revealed that the votes of at least three participants in the Libyan peace talks sponsored by the international body had been purchased, and UN experts found that during the Tunis talks, two of the participants offered “bribes ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 200,000.” For at least three members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum if they commit themselves to vote for Dabaiba as prime minister “

The assassination attempt of Fathi Bashagha between denial and confirmation:

On the security level, the judicial authorities in Libya have almost not been subjected to an assassination attempt by Fathi Bashagha, the Minister of Interior of the Sarraj government, at the conclusion of the judicial investigation. The head of the Northern Tripoli Primary Prosecution Office, Omar Fakini, announced that the accident that the convoy of Interior Minister Al-Wefaq Fathi Bashagha was subjected to was not intended to assassinate him. The minister announced earlier, and Fakini added, in a statement, that the prosecution had obtained all evidence that the minister had not been subjected to any assassination attempt, and the chief prosecutor of the North Tripoli Primary Prosecution Office issued an order to imprison three defendants, Fathi Bashaga’s guard and his “Hungarian” escort, pending the case.

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior of Al-Wefaq announced that its minister, Fathi Bashagha, had been subjected to an assassination attempt, confirming the killing of one of the attackers and the arrest of two others. A force affiliated to the Libyan Government of National Accord told another story and in turn, accused Bashagha’s guards of killing one of its members.  The Stability Support Service of the President of the National Accord Government, Fayez al-Sarraj, said that Bashagha’s security force opened fire on its members by mistake while his convoy was passing on Janzour Road, west of the Libyan capital, Tripoli..

Fathy Bashagha

Italy wants more control on the Libyan coast:

Humanly, data issued by the Italian Ministry of the Interior showed a significant increase in migrant flows towards the country’s coasts since the beginning of the year 2021, and 5306 illegal immigrants arrived in Italy in the first two months of this year, a number equivalent to more than double the immigrants’ arrivals in the same period last year. At the time, their number reached 2,553, and in last February alone, 3,895 migrants arrived independently or on board rescue ships belonging to NGOs and the Italian Coast Guard, among them 398 minors, all of whom mainly fled Libya, and called the leader of the “Italian League” Matteo Salvini called for controlling the phenomenon of irregular migration flows towards his country, explaining that the annual report submitted by the intelligence services to Parliament spoke about criminal organizations that run human smuggling in Tunisia and Libya and make money to invest in drugs and weapons. We cannot continue to be complicit with this trade, so we expect a European position. He also stressed that “the regulations say that you can help those who have a sacred right to be rescued, but without Italy being the only point of landing ships and boats of immigrants in Europe,” referring to All other European countries have significantly reduced the number of arrivals except Italy..

With regard to the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya :
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