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The Official Newspaper published Law No. 4 of 2021 amending the provisions of Law No. 16 of 2018 concerning the Fund for Martyrs and Victims of War and Terrorist Operations, with the aim of increasing the Fund’s resources, through several decisions, most notably: Imposing a tax of five pounds on services and documents provided or issued by public and government agencies, in addition to imposing tax on: 

In addition, the amendments impose a deduction of % .0005  from the monthly salary of workers in: 

Persons who are Excluded from this monthly deduction are casual or day labor..

of the facilities (electricity, water, gas) for NGOs
0 %

The Social Solidarity Committee in the House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Abd al-Hadi al-Qasabi, gave the government represented by the Ministry of Finance, a period of 3 weeks to study the amendment of the law regulating private work, granting an exemption of 75% of the facilities (electricity, water, gas) for NGOs and submitted by Dr. Ayman Abu Al Ela, Deputy Head of Human Rights Committee at the House of Representatives .

The executive authority dominates the judiciary and fails in the Ethiopia dam negotiations:

President Al-Sisi met with Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and Counselor Omar Marawan, Minister of Justice. Al-Sisi directed Sisi to expand the application of the renewal of imprisonment of accused persons remotely, 4 months after the Ministry of Justice launched this project and demanded the generalization of the application in various governorates during The upcoming period for its positive results, which also coincides with the efforts to develop court headquarters at the state level.

The project is based on providing closed television networks between courts and prisons so that the courtrooms in which the procedures for renewing the imprisonment of pretrial detainees are being examined, are connected to rooms dedicated to the general and central prisons in which the defendants who are remanded in custody are present. That would happen through fiber lines of 6 megabytes for each one, so that communication can be made among the accused person, his lawyer and his judge, through that closed and secured television network. This matter is against the law and denies the accused the right to communicate with his lawyer..

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Ethiopia rejected any new international mediation in the Renaissance Dam negotiations, and adhered to the mediation of the African Union.. Ethiopia described the invitation of new international parties as mediators in this issue, while the negotiations led by the African Union have not ended, as an insult to the efforts of the Union, according to the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Dina MuftiThis comes in response to a joint proposal from the Foreign Ministries in Egypt and Sudan, at the invitation of the United States of America. And the European Union and the United Nations, to mediate in order to break the deadlock in the stalled talks over the dam between the downstream countries and Ethiopia. .

development funding
0 Dollar

The Minister of International Cooperation, Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, announced the approval of the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank for a development funding of $ 440 million, which will be directed to developing the railway sector and financing a project to improve the safety factor and operating efficiency of Egypt’s rail services..

Several judicial decisions:

A homeless girl and a man in a suit:

The Egyptian Public Prosecution accused the defendant, who was known in the media as the “man of the suit” of “indecent assault associated with kidnappingVideo clip A surveillance camera in a building in Maadi captured a video which documented that a man wearing a” suit “harassed a child before a woman left an apartment in order to rebuke him, and assured him that he had been taken by a security camera, which prompted him to flee.  The brave lady posted the video on social media, inviting people to post a flyer to help her identify the harasser and arrest him..

The Public Prosecution issued a statement regarding the incident, stating that where the “Monitoring and Analysis Unit at the Statement Department of the Attorney General’s Office” had observed the circulation of a clip of a person’s assault on a child at the entrance to a real estate in the Maadi district in Cairo, photographed by one of the monitoring machines installed in it, and the matter was presented to the The Counselor, the Attorney General, “ordered an urgent investigation into the incident.. According to the confirmation of the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the number of reports of endangering or ill-treating children’s lives reached 11,671 reports during 2020, including 15 reports of fathers selling their children..

 The arrest The suit man was later charged, and after the Public Prosecution began investigations with him, It referred him to the Criminal Court on charges of kidnapping and indecent assault on a child. . Ayman Abu Al Ela, Deputy Head of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives, submitted a legislative amendment to tighten the punishment for child molestation, especially after the famous Maadi incident, and in light of the repeated incidents of exposure to children, and the consequent physical and psychological harm to the victims. Abu Al Ela explained that the amendment proposal provides for the addition of a new paragraph to the text of Article 306 Decision “B” of the Penal Code, which states: The punishment shall be the imprisonment for a period not exceeding 7 years if the age of the victim is not more than 12 years (“the child”)..

Activists’ prisons between torture and enlisting:

بحسب بيان من الشبكة العربية لمعلومات حقوق الإنسان انسحبت هيئة الدفاع عن المحبوسين احتياطيًا في القضية رقم 488 لسنة 2019 حصر أمن دولة عقب قيام المحكمة بطلب محام واحد في الترافع عن جميع المتهمين الذي يفوق عددهم عن 50 متهم في غيبة المتهمين وهو الامر الذي رفضته هيئة الدفاع.

According to a statement from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, the defense committee for pretrial detainees in Case No. 488 of 2019 withdrew from State Security after the court requested one lawyer to defend all defendants which their number exceeds more than 50 defendants in the absence of the defendants, which was rejected by the defense committee.

The court listened to both journalist Esraa Abdel Fattah, who confirmed that the National Security officer inside the prison informed her that she (is punished for an old bill) and that releasing her would be as soon as this bill is paid. She mentioned that she stays in the ward of mothers with foster children. She complained that officers took the opportunity that she was attending a session and they tore off her belongings, including private papers that she wrote in her cell.

Journalist Sulafa Magdy stated to the court that she is subjected to bullying and psychological and moral torture inside her prison. She is also prohibited from reading newspapers and that the detainees are warned not to speak with her. She asked the court to postpone consideration of her session until the session of her husband, journalist Hussam al-Sayyad, who is being held in pretrial detention on the same case.

Lawyer Mahienour Al Masry, who is imprisoned in the same case, said that the prison’s administration made a campaign on the wards stripping them of their personal belongings and blankets. She proved the high prices inside the prison and that the prison was transformed from an institution aiming at rehabilitation and reform to a profitable institution that aims to achieve the highest profits by raising the prices of products inside the prison. She added that there are prisoners who are unable to spend  money inside the prison, and she directed her speech to the court (if the president of the court is talking about the application of Article 134 of the Criminal Procedure Law), she demands the application of the text of the article which states that there is no way to initiate a criminal case, especially since many of the accused persons have completed two years in pretrial detention without ever having evidence of their imprisonment..

Alaa Abdel Fattah
Sulafa Magdy
Israa Abdel Fattah
Mahienour Al-Masry

Alaa Abdel Fattah’s family submitted reports regarding certain incidents to the Attorney General, including an incident in which Alaa was assaulted physically and verbally once his arrival to prison in September 2019. The assault incident against Mona, her sister Sanaa and their mother Laila Souif, professor at the faculty of sciences at Cairo University in Tora Prisons’ complex on the last June 22, in addition to the abduction of Sanaa from the headquarter of the Attorney General on the last June 24.

The Third Circuit decided to terrorize, convened by the Tora Courts Commission, today, to renew the detention of journalist Khaled Daoud, Hisham Fouad, Husam Mu’nis, Rami Shaath, and Abdel Nasser Ismail, on charges of publishing false news for 45 days pending investigations. The defendants were accused of several charges according to their roles in the cases. The most prominent charges are joining a terrorist group in achieving its goal and spreading false news.

Elections of the Press Syndicate is the gate of Freedom for detained journalists::

 After periods of imprisonment that ranged between 6 months and a year and half, journalists reachedHassan Al Qabany Moustafa Saqr Eslam Al Kahly their homes early this morning after the Supreme State Security Prosecution released them during the past two days with precautionary measures. The head of the Press Syndicate, Diaa Rashwan, announced on Facebook that there is good news about some of our fellow journalists who are being held in pretrial detention. News followed later on the release of the three journalists, before Rashwan returned to deny later that their exit from their prison, coinciding with the elections of the Press Syndicate by saying that the release is not an electoral occasion and no accidental effort, rather it is a duty that I perform in all times, mentioning the names of some journalists who have been released during the past two years.    .

The trade union committee of the Alexandria Spinning and Weaving Company abuses the workers:

The Center for Trade Union Services said that there are ongoing abuse operations against members of the trade union committee of Alexandria Spinning and Weaving Company, pointing out that this comes as a continuation of what the company’s management started to abuse workers. In a statement, the Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS) added that the company issued a decision to transfer and delegate seven members of the Board of Directors of the Union Committee for work other than their original work.

In addition, the seven workers were transferred to jobs in security (administrative security and at the doors of the company) instead of their technical jobs in the maintenance and electricity departments. The statement continued, “as soon as the decision was issued, the seven trade unionists went to the Manpower Directorate to file a complaint against the administration for its legal violation regarding (trade union organizations and protection of the right to organize and the labor law). Then, the relevant employee answered that “the administration has the right to transfer and delegate any worker without his agreement during the financial crisis” which was denied by workers, confirming that the company made profits of nearly eighty million pounds last year. Thus, there is no financial crisis that gives the administrations the right to transfer and delegate workers.

The statement attributed the reason for the abuse of workers to their stance against the company’s policy aimed at liquidating the factory and displacing workers. The statement warned that on the other hand, the workers ended their strike which lasted for nearly five days after their demand for the return of their four dismissed colleagues to work was responded to..

Starting vaccination with the first dose and working on producing three Egyptian vaccines

According to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate page, the number of victims of doctors during combating Coronavirus has reached :

0 martyrs


The political crisis continues amid intense governmental and ministerial work.

Is the resignation of Mechichi a solution?

Regarding the political crisis in the country from a period of time, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Labor Union, Samir Al Shefi, confirmed that the dialogue initiative proposed by the union places the political issue at the forefront of its concerns, considering that parties in the governmental coalition want to abort this priority of the initiative. He called for the need to find a solution that ends the crisis which the country is witnessing in the shortest time, whether with the resignation of the government or other solutions.. In this context, the leader of the Long Live Tunisia movement, Samir Beltayeb, called on the President of the Republic to accept this initiative to organize the national dialogue.

Assistant Secretary General of the Labor Union, Samir Al-Shafi

In the same framework of seeking to solve the political crisis, many parties suggested the resignation of the prime minister as a solution to this situation, but Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi stated that he is against this solution and that he is against any demand that could create a vacuum, especially since the country is experiencing many problems, so it should not be further deepened. We need To hold power, not to decipher it.. Thus, he revealed for the first time in a clear and frank manner his support, which could amount to an alliance with the prime minister. After his statements in favor of passing the Cabinet’s Reshuffle, this time he revealed his support for the prime minister. Which calls for a question here about the nature of the relationship that brings together the two presidents and the extent of its impact on the current political scene?

Minister of Transport Moez Shakchouk

Tunisair problem, the show is ongoing

On Monday, March 8, 2021, the Minister of Transport, Moez Chakchouq, announced during a solid hearing of the Administrative Reform, Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Committee that the Tunisian Airlines owns this year only 4 aircraft ready for the summer season if the maintenance of its 25 aircraft fleet is not carried out. He explained that 15 aircraft are capable of repair and the rest  expired. The Minister of Transport added that if solutions are not found to the current situation and liquidity is provided to get rid of the cost of maintenance, then sufficient aircraft will not be found in the summer to ensure the return of Tunisians abroad, which may push them to resort to other airlines..

Political parties move their battlefield outside Parliament

As for the party movement for this week, the prevailing scene was the protest movements of the Free Constitutional Party, as the party organized a demonstration in front of the Municipal Palace in Beja, on Sunday March 7, 2021, under the supervision of its president, Abeer Moussa. At the start of her speech to the party’s supporters, Abeer Moussa stressed the role of the northwest regions in general in being a locomotive for development in the region and in the country in general, stressing the need to invest in agriculture to achieve this development and create wealth..

The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, also joined her supporters, in front of the headquarters of the International Union of Muslim Scholars in Tunis in an attempt to force the people inside it to leave and close itA state of severe tension and chaos prevailed between Abeer Moussa, her supporters and the members of the International Union of Muslim Scholars inTunis. Those persons who stressed that they would not leave the headquarters, appealing to the authorities and the prime minister to urgently intervene and work to deport Moussa and her supporters from the place that they forcibly stormed, according to their description.A member of the union stressed in a video clip posted on the organization’s official page that they will not leave their headquarters until the governor and the authorities intervene. It is worth noting that at the beginning of March, the Tunisian judiciary rejected a lawsuit filed by the party with the aim of stopping the union’s activity in Tunisia.

The dispersal of the Free Constitutional sit-in

In a frightening development, the supporters of the Dignity Coalition and some supporters of the Ennahda Movement went to the Union headquarters to defend it and confront the Free Constitutional sit-in with a sit-in in exchange for establishing a tent in front of the Free Constitutional tent and violence started between them.

Wednesday evening, March 10, 2021, the police dispersed the sit-in of the Free Constitutional Party in front of the headquarters of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Tunisia on Khair El Din Pasha Street, amid an intense security presence. The security units removed the sit-in tent by an eviction decision issued by the governor of Tunis, and also removed the today sit-in tent that a number of activists who are sympathetic to the Union of Muslim Scholars and those persons affiliated with the Ennahda movement and the Dignity Coalition focused on it. .

It is noteworthy that the International Union of Muslim Scholars is an Islamic institution that brings together Muslim scholars from different countries of the world, established in  2004. Since November 7, 2018, it has been headed by Ahmed al-Raysouni to succeed Youssuf Al Qaradawi. .

Joint agreements to support women’s gains

On the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Minister of Women, Family and Elderly People announced that the Prime Minister had authorized the revision of the ordinance organizing the Peer Council for Equality and Equal Opportunities between Women and Men to expand its composition and the inclusion of its members to express opinion on all legislation that concerns women. The Prime Minister also authorized the Ministry of Social Affairs to consider continuing to benefit divorced women from health coverage after divorce and to revise the legal framework for the alimony and divorce fund.

Discussions also took place during this council regarding assigning the Ministry of Women to prepare a draft law related to family mediation and mediation in the professional environment to overcome difficulties and create cells in all ministries concerned with the integration of gender in work programs, and a circular was issued directing all ministers to prepare the next five-year plan, taking into account the issue of equal opportunities and gender..

The Minister of Women also announced the signing of a joint circular between the Ministry of Women and the Ministry of Justice on the subject of facilitating procedures for the implementation of Chapter 13 of Law No. 58 of 2017 related to the elimination of violence against women, which enables women victims of violence to benefit from mandatory legal aid. This publication comes in its first part, according to Acting Justice Minister Hasna Suleiman, after noticing several practical problems of the aforementioned chapter, with the aim of activating it and not requiring proof of the low incomes of a woman victim of violence in order to enjoy legal aid..

The leaflet, in its second part relates to the subject of legal advice, which seeks to provide correct legal information to battered women and enable them to have the right to access the judiciary. The minister also revealed that a framework agreement has been signed between the Ministry of Women, Family and Elderly People and the Ministry of Education. This agreement aims to reduce school dropout, as Tunisia annually counts about 100,000 school dropouts.

Feminist activist Rania Al-Amdouni was sentenced to 6 months in prison, who was charged with defaming a public official in breach of legal procedures, after she went on February 27 to a police station in the capital to file a complaint against the supervisors of Syndicate pages Umniah in the “Facebook” network publishes her photos and threatens her with death, violence and rape. However, she was detained and charged with indigestion on the part of an employee. On this basis, many associations and human rights organizations condemned this ruling and denounced the use of state institutions to settle accounts with human rights activists and abuse them, as all complaints that Al-Amdouni filed against their assailants, including those filed with the Central Inspectorate of the Ministry of Interior, were frozen, and in return they were traced to a crime. There is no one who was harmed in it, since the case file was devoid of any complaint filed by a public official, which makes the crime lose one of its pillars..

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021, we cannot pass without recalling the rates of violence against women that are increasing day by day, and carefully assessing the situation to know the gains of women today and the struggles they are still fighting today to obtain their rights. It is alarming that the Tunisian state today records 78.8% of marital violence against women in 2020 and 89% of women who are subjected to digital violence, sexual harassment and domestic violence. Knowing that 68% of those who are silent about violence are educated.. These numbers raise many questions today, so what gains are we talking today in light of all this attributed violence?

The sword of security unions is on the neck of democracy

The Ministry of Interior launched a campaign of arbitrary arrests, which affected many citizens, as well as systematic arrests targeting activists and activists in the context of recent protests and the practice of violence, threats and smuggling by security agents on the ground and on social networks. Detained in Sfax after not taking an insulin dose, he and his brother were detained for violating the curfew, so one of them died..

Mahdi Barhoumi, Munther Sawudi and Sami Hamid were subjected to arbitrary arrest, after their home was raided at dawn.

It is surprising that the security forces, through the security unions, expressed their anger by carrying out a protest stand on Tuesday 9 March in the government square in the Kasbah, through which they demanded a reconsideration of the settlement of the professional path and an increase in the risk grant from 250 dinars to 900 dinars in light of the risks involved. They face..

The need to revise the electoral law and the government angering everyone:

In condemnation of the current conditions in the country recently, a number of civil society components and political parties held a protest on Habib Bourguiba Street on Saturday, March 6, 2021. Where a number of protesters gathered, chanting slogans calling for the release of those arrested against the background of recent protests and the departure of the system, which they described as corrupt. Regarding the goal behind this march, the Mongi parliamentarian, Al-Rahwi, said that this march did not come in response to the renaissance march last Saturday, but rather a means of pressure on Parliament and the system to radically change the electoral law and go to early elections in 2022, and perhaps This is due to the inability of the current system to resolve the economic and health conditions in an optimal manner, as well as its inability to cope with the emerging crisis between the two heads of the executive authority. Al Rahwi also emphasized that collecting signatures on the recall petition is progressing rapidly.

In addition, The state of anger over the government’s actions persisted in many parties, the last of which was the island of Djerba. As the civil society un Djerba organized a march in the marker, protesting that the prime mintser refused to answer a question concerning his opinion regarding the demand of “Djerba governorate” The marchers criticized the walkers ’withdrawal from the media point, considering that this act was an“ insult and mockery ”of the demand of the people of Djerba, which was confirmed by Muhammad al-Fanani, head of the local union for industry and commerce. However, the Prime Minister intervene immediately, explaining that what happened during the press interview in Jerba was a matter of misunderstanding and that it did not symbolize any characteristic that was to ignore the demands of the people, stressing that they are legitimate demands and it is the government’s duty to implement them..

The general clerk of the University of Secondary Education, Saad Al-Yaqoubi, on the sidelines of his supervision of a meeting with a professor in the governorate of Tataouine, confirmed that the university is in the process of listening to educators in the various wilayas and defining their demands in preparation for the administrative body to be held at the end of March 2021, during which the next protest steps will be determined in the event that no consensus is reached With the Ministry of Education regarding a number of demands..

 In the same context, the unemployed doctors considered in a statement to them that the mechanisms for their integration taken in the Ministerial Council held on March 5, 2021 are unclear, and therefore they decide to continue the sit-in at the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education..

Considering many financial and administrative corruption cases may contribute to correcting the course:

In a follow-up to the carcinogenic rice case that emerged last week, laboratory analyzes confirmed that 12 tons of marketed rice were free of aflatoxin and about 1,300 tons supplied were still under dispute..

This week, the cases of many of those involved and in solidarity with parties from the defunct regime were decided upon, as journalist Sami Al-Fihri was sentenced to 8 years in prison with urgent execution and 10 years in absentia for Belhassen Al-Trabelsi and a fine of 40 thousand million dinars in solidarity between them.. As for the Salim Chaiboub case, The officials ’laxity in dealing with the case has led to the failure of the public lawsuit over time. .

In a follow-up to the case of two judges, Tayeb Rashid and Bashir Al-Akrami, the I Watch organization announced, in a communiqué, that it had submitted on March 5, 2021 a request for access to information, to obtain a copy of the General Inspection Report at the Ministry of Justice against the two judges Tayeb Rashid and Bashir al-Akrami, which was prepared and referred based on Correspondence to the Supreme Judicial Council.

The Judicial Judicial Council decided, in its session held on November 24, 2020, to entrust the Public Prosecution at the Court of First Instance in Tunisia, with the content of the leaks from suspicions of crimes related to the cases of the two martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, and suspicions of crimes related to terrorist cases and financial corruption cases and informing the Council of the procedures that will be taken, such as correspondence The General Inspectorate at the Ministry of Justice, to provide him with the results of research on all complaints filed against both Judges Al-Tayeb Rashid and Al-Bashir Al-Akrami, within a maximum deadline of two weeks..

The Judicial Council of Judiciary which has met on the same day, decided to lift the immunity of the first president of the Court of Cassation, Al-Tayeb Rashid, in one file out of a total of three files, without regard to the request to waive immunity submitted by him during the deliberation of the file and postponing the decision on the other two files to complete the necessary documents. .

Subsequently, the Council decided, on December 16, 2020, to freeze the membership of the first president of the Court of Commentary and the head of the Interim Commission for Monitoring the Constitutionality of Laws, Al-Tayeb Rashid, against the background of the cases brought against him related to corruption charges, after he issued a decision to lift his immunity on December 8, 2020.

In a positive development of the process of transitional justice in Tunisia, the “I Watch” organization filed a complaint in the first instance court in Tunisia on the meaning of articles 96 and 109 of the penal code against the former president and liquidator of the work of the Truth and Dignity Commission Sihem Bensedrine, who did not respect the principle of realizing the right between the litigants when she took over Evaluating and assessing the damage that may have been caused to the state’s opponent, Abdul Majid Boudin.

The liquidator for the works and the former president of the commission, Siham Bensedrine, is still using the agency’s Facebook page so far naturally, and she and five members responded through it by publishing a statement to respond to I am alert about her complaint to the court of first instance and as usual, this response was based on the fabrication of the conspiracy theory of everyone against the commission from Without adding anything new, I Wake Up ignored the response to such a statement, in what appears to be the organization’s caution, given that the matter is under consideration by the judiciary at the present time..  

Health status between disappointment and hope:

The health situation oscillates between a decrease in the number of injuries and deaths on the one hand, and the arrival of shipments of vaccinations, and the increase in the emergence of cases of the new strain on the other hand. This fluctuation led to a blurring of the assessment of the epidemiological situation, after the government relaxed the preventive measures from that, resuming administrative work at regular time and reducing the hours of the Golan embargo, we see today wondering about the validity of these decisions and whether they were made in haste or were they taken in a timely manner. What makes matters worse and raises these questions is the recording of several violations in relation to Corona, the most prominent of which is the fraud of death certificates and analyzes to investigate the virus. Therefore, it became likely even to return to the compulsory quarantine of arrivals, and this remains dependent on the development of the epidemiological situation in the country.

The Minister of Health clarified during the plenary session in Parliament on Monday, March 8, 2021, that the national campaign for vaccination against Covid-19 is targeting 50% of the population. And it has set priorities to organize the order of those who will benefit from vaccination according to scientific standards, which are priorities according to age and coexistence with chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases or according to the risk of infection. He stated that 5 levels of priorities have been set for vaccination, and these priorities are in the following categories:

 The Minister of Health stressed that the national strategy for vaccination was based on the principle of fairness, useful that for this reason, the vaccinations will be distributed in coordination with the Central Pharmacy of the country of Tunisia through its central and regional laboratories, which number 5, located in Sousse, El Kef, Sfax, Gafsa and Medenine, indicating that it will supervise the delivery of vaccinations to the concerned authorities according to the program and the number of those registered through Kovacs system. .


Dabaiba government wins the confidence of the House of the Representatives until next December 24:

The House of Representatives granted confidence to the government of national unity headed by Abdul Hamid Dabaiba, by 132 votes, while Dabaiba pledged to complete the constitutional and electoral elections on the specified date, and the parliament presidency approved the use of the direct vote by raising the hands instead of the secret vote; The session began with the recitation of Counselor Aguila Saleh, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the names of the candidates for the new government, who numbered 35 ministers

After the vote ended, Aqeelah Saleh said that the number of deputies agreed to grant confidence to the government was 132, and the Speaker of Parliament said that the term of this government will end on December 24, after which it will be a caretaker government until the election results are announced.

In a speech after the vote on granting confidence, the Prime Minister expressed his thanks to the deputies for giving priority to the national interest and their cohesion in this historic session, stressing that the national unity government is the government of all Libyans, and he called on Libyans to heal and compensate for what they missed during the division, and Dabaiba affirmed to work hard to support National reconciliation with the Presidency Council, pledging to cooperate with the High Electoral Commission, and to complete the constitutional and electoral maturity on time, stressing that the Libyan nation still needs its deputies because many of the entitlements are still waiting for them, starting from the approval of the unified budget and the referendum law first, to an effective law For local government and then elections.

Since the sessions of the House of Representatives were held in Sirte, headed by Counselor Aguila Saleh, with the participation of about 132 deputies to consider granting confidence to the national unity government to the session. The deputies were briefed on his government formation and the criteria for selecting them. Aguila spoke at the end of the session and directed his speech to Dabaiba: There are those who talk about the presence of members in the government’s formation wanted in cases before the Attorney General, and there are those who talk about members who have obtained forged certificates, and they called him to form the government of his free will.

The outcome of the efforts of Libyan women during the dialogue sessions:

Najla Al Manqoush, the first foreign minister in Libya and the fourth in the Arab world, has a government with five women:

In a historical precedent at the level of the hierarchy of the Libyan state, Najla Al-Manqoush became the first Libyan to assume the foreign affairs portfolio in her country, within the new transitional government headed by Abdel-Hamid al-Dabaiba, which Parliament gave her confidence, and thus Al-Manqoush joined the list of Arab foreign ministers, who are: Al-Nahah Bint Hamdi Ould Meknes, the first Mauritanian foreign minister, and the first foreign minister in Arab countries 2009, Fatima Val Bint Aswaina, also from Mauritania in 2015, and Sudanese Asma Muhammad Abdullah 2019.

Najla Al-Manqoush - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Naglaa Al Manqoush is a law professor and a lawyer in criminal law, and her research and work focuses on the transition from war to peace and peace-building, according to her biography published on the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution (CRDC) website, and she was a recipient of the Fulbright Program. The famous (Fulbright) is studying for a master’s degree in conflict transformation from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) in the United States of America, and in the same definition of her stated that she worked as a local representative for the United States Institute of Peace in Libya, and she also worked for the National Transitional Council.

In addition to Najla Al Manqoush, four other women were chosen to fill ministerial portfolios, noting that the number of members of the new Libyan government is 35 members and women, and the new women ministers are: Halima Ibrahim Abdel Rahman, Minister of Justice, Wafa Abu Bakr Muhammad al-Kilani, Minister of Social Affairs, Mabrouka, Othman Aoki, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, and Houria Khalifa Miloud al-Tarmal, Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, noting that a session witnessed a number of MPs objecting to some of the proposed names in the formation and demanding a reconsideration In which..

An international welcome and an American-Russian confrontation following American demands for the mercenaries to leave the Libyan lands:

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also called for the mercenaries to quickly leave the Libyan lands, after the new government was granted the confidence of Parliament, and said: Granting confidence to the new Libyan government is a step towards the elections scheduled to be held next December, and he added: It is important at the present time to abide by the implementation of the ceasefire, the arms embargo, and the mercenaries leaving the Libyan lands, and the Libyan National Unity Government has successfully passed its first test by winning the confidence of Parliament, but it must pass a set of other difficult tests.

In the same context, Moscow welcomed the approval by the Libyan parliament of the formation of the national unity government headed by Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, and a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry stated in this regard. We welcome the decision of the Libyan Parliament and consider it an important step on the road towards overcoming the severe and protracted crisis in Libya, on the basis of a constructive compromise. It is acceptable between the two conflicting parties and a comprehensive dialogue with the participation of all active political forces. The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that Libya was and remains an important partner for Russia in North Africa 

Raiding human trafficking dens and liberating Egyptian hostages:

 Militarily, the 444 Brigade of the Libyan Government Forces announced that it had managed to liberate a large number of hostages who were being held by a criminal gang in the city of Bani Walid in the northwest of the country. And that his military detachments raided other dens of human traffickers and freed about 120 hostages who were subjected to torture and extortion, according to their testimony, and most of them hold Egyptian nationality..

Liberation of the hostages

The discovery of mass graves continues and there are difficulties in identifying corpses:

The General Authority for the Search and Identification of Missing Persons announced the discovery of a new mass grave in the area of ​​the linkage project in the city of Tarhuna, and the authority said in a statement that the recovery work is underway so far, while the number of bodies in the cemetery has not been disclosed. The genetic fingerprint to identify unidentified bodies, and on February 27, the authority announced that it had officially started the procedures for DNA tests to identify unidentified bodies. And that was through her page on socia media website.

Epidemiological situation:

  • The National Center for Disease Control Sabha announced that 66 cases of Coronavirus and four deaths were recorded in the southern municipalities, and the National Center for Diseases laboratory, Sabha branch, received 108 samples on Tuesday, laboratory analyzes showed negative 42 samples, while 66 cases were confirmed, including 63 new and three cases of contact According to a statement by the center
With regard to the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya :
Last update : 11/03/2021 - 15:00
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths

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