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The 31 statement reveals the human rights situation in Egypt between the reality of monitoring processes and the imagination of the state’s legislative and executive institutions:

The sessions of the 46th session of the World Council for Human Rights took place at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on February 22, and is scheduled to continue until March 23. 

31 countries issued a joint statement through the United Nations Human Rights Council on the situation and conditions of human rights in Egypt. The signatory countries called on the Egyptian authority to end the use of terrorism charges to keep human rights defenders and civil society activists in prolonged pretrial detention. Stopping the police of revolving doors against detainees by enlisting them to new cases with the same charges after the legal period for pretrial detention has expired, and provide due legal procedures for fair trials.

The statement, which is the first collective action by the World Council for Human Rights since 2014, also called on Egypt to allow civil society, including human rights defenders, to work without fear of intimidation, harassment, arrest, detention or any form of action. Retaliation, lifting travel bans and asset freezing decisions against human rights defenders. Lifting restrictions on media and digital freedoms, stopping policies of blocking independent media sites, and releasing all detained journalists arrested while practicing their work. On December 18, the European Parliament voted by a majority of 434 members out of 685 members on a draft resolution to urge the European Union countries and the World Council for Human Rights to take a firm stand against human rights violations in Egypt.

0 %
of the recommendations submitted to it during the UPR

On Thursday, March 11, 2021, Egypt submitted its report on the response to its universal periodic review of human rights. According to Egypt’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Alaa Youssef, the government accepted 87.37% of the recommendations submitted to it during the UPR session that was held on November 13, after studying and consulting with the National Council for Human Rights.

The House of Representatives, headed by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, issued a statement in response to the contents of the joint statement issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the state and situation of human rights in Egypt.

Through its statement, Parliament showed its deep dissatisfaction with the contents of the joint statement issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding the situation and conditions of human rights in Egypt. It was supposed for the Human Rights Council to draw its information and data from official sources, and to consider objectively the Egyptian efforts to maintain security and stability, not at the internal or regional level, especially in the field of combating terrorism in light of highly turbulent and complex regional conditions. As well as the clear efforts in improving the lives of the Egyptian citizen even during the confrontation with the Corona pandemic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that it will highlight the deficiencies in the human rights situation in the 31 countries that criticized the Egyptian regime before the World Council for Human Rights in Geneva, stressing that the joint statement made by the Ambassador of Finland to the United Nations, and signed by 31 countries, Among them, the United States, Italy and France, on Egypt, includes “is incidents on inaccurate information.”

The grants of the Presidency of the Republic to employees, will it be followed by another wave of price increases:

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi met with Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Kajok, Deputy Minister of Finance for Financial Policies, and Dr. Ihab Abu Aish, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Public Treasury.

The Spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic stated that the meeting dealt with “reviewing the draft budget for the next fiscal year 2021-2022.

and in this context, Sisi directed the following:

The judiciary, lack of independence and imbalance of justice:

  • The issuance of the decision of the Court of Cassation headed by Counselor Mohamed Eid Mahjoub today, Thursday, in support of the inclusion of Mohamed Abu Trika, a former player of the national team and Al Ahly club and 1528 people, including leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, on terrorist lists for a period of 5 years, and the refusal of the defendants ’appeal against the“ felonies ”decision and the decision becomes final.

The result of the “cassation” decision:

The South Cairo Criminal Court which was held in the Fifth Settlement, headed by Counselor Madbouly Kassab, sentenced Sanaa Seif to prison for a year and a half for spreading false news.

Sanaa Seif was accused of broadcasting and spreading false news, and in June of last year the State Security Prosecution issued a decision to seize her and bring her at that time pending Case No. 12499 of 2020.

The Ministry of Interior also denied what it described as Mona Seif’s allegations, about the existence of torture inside prisons using electricity. The Ministry of Interior statement indicated that legal measures are being taken regarding these allegations, Saif said, in a video, that her family submitted a new  communiqué to the Public Prosecutor, to investigate what her brother told the judge, who was looking into renewing his detention, last week, about hearing the sounds of torture imprisoned by Taser, inside the maximum security prison 2 cell.

In the video, she also indicated that her family has submitted to the Attorney General more than ten reports about various incidents related to violations that her brother has suffered since his pre-trial detention 16 months ago, pending case 1356 of 2019, and another concerning her sister Sana, who has been imprisoned since last June. Despite ignoring all of the family’s reports regarding the violations inside prisons, whether by Alaa or not, Saif insists on following the legal path, and continuing to submit reports to the Public Prosecutor.

Customs and traditions are a sword against Egyptian women in law and society:

Multiple incidents witnessed by Egyptian society over the past week, differing in terms of details and agree in terms of the principle represented in the inhuman violation and violation of the rights of females from their childhood to maturity, and the impact of the incident of the hostile harasser has not disappeared from the minds, as well as the draft Personal Status Law. And which contained many articles that affirmed and entrenched the crude patriarchal policies under the cloak of the values ​​and morals of the Egyptian family. The Women and Memory Forum launched the # Guardianship_My right campaign to highlight the reflection of the right of guardianship for men on women, a campaign that was welcomed and attended by a large number of Egyptian women from all societal groups for their stories and stories that carry many painful and tragic tragedies.

The metro molester:

A video clip taken by a girl with her phone camera, documenting a moment of being harassed by a young man on the metro inside the women’s car, where he committed a scandalous act while sitting in the seat opposite her. Within hours of the video being posted on social media, it aroused anger among activists calling for his arrest and punishment. The prosecution listened to the girl, who in turn submitted the video to the Public Prosecution, who in turn arrested the molester and brought him before it. During his interrogation he denied the accusations and justified them by claiming disorder and mental illness and that he was closing his bottom clothes without noticing the girl. The Public Prosecution has decided to imprison him for four days in custody after it was clear that he had a preponderance of mind during the interrogation and the investigation is underway. 

The lady of El Salam district

A 34-year-old woman lives on the sixth floor of a building in El Salam city, lives a 34-year-old woman, who works in a specialized obstetrics and gynecology clinic, who was killed because of the property guard’s allegations about her behavior.

According to the prosecution’s investigations, the guard informed the owner of the property when he saw one of them go up to the victim’s apartment, causing three people to break into her apartment and beat her until she fell from the balcony and died. In another statement of the victim’s brother, he confirmed that the pipe worker was changing the gas cylinder at the scene of the accident, and the door to the apartment was open, so that the Lady El Salam city  was surprised by the entry of six people, including the guard, the owner of the property and his wife, demanding her to take off her clothes in order to photograph her naked under the pretext that she had a relationship with a stranger but she refused. And the incident ended up by being thrown from the balcony of her house, and the victim’s brother charged the 6 individuals, demanding their punishment.

The Public Prosecution ordered the imprisonment of three defendants in the case, and issued a permit to bury the victim after an autopsy, to determine the cause of death.

The lady of shubra :

For some seemingly unexpected reason, but it did happen, a 30-year-old woman, during her seventh month of pregnancy, was beaten by her husband who used “primus stove” which caused her to suffer injuries that killed her, as a result of her delay in preparing food due to marital disputes between them. The investigations revealed that the woman suffered language injuries, such as a fracture at the base of the skull, and internal bleeding in the brain, and she died upon entering the hospital. The Prosecution decided to imprison the husband for four days pending investigations and also authorized the burial of her corpse.

The General Prosecution, North Cairo District, decided to refer the accused Mawada Al Adham, Hanen Hossam and three others to the Criminal Court under charges for human trafficking. The Appeals Economic Court had acquitted Hanin Hussam and 2 others of their accusations of incitement to prostitution, and ruled to cancel the imprisonment of Mawaddah Al-Adham and Ahmed Sameh, and upholding a fine of 300,000 pounds each for the charge of publishing indecent videos.

Haitham Mohamadeen was enlisted in a new case after being released from case No.741 of the state security. On Wednesday, the Supreme State Security Prosecution investigated the labor human rights lawyer, Haitham Mohamadeen in a new case after a day from releasing him in the case in which he was imprisoned for two years. The State Security Prosecution has enlisted Haitham in a new case No.1956 of 2019 of the supreme state security counting in which he is charged with joining a terrorist group.  In its session on Monday, the Cairo Criminal Court has decided to release Haitham Mohamadeen in case No.741 of 2019 of the state security after nearly 22 months of pretrial detention.


Counselor Nader Saad, the official spokesperson of the Cabinet, said that the vaccination campaign with the vaccinations of Coronavirus is still going on, indicating that the priority is to give the vaccination for the elderly and persons with chronic diseases. He added that Egypt has sufficient quantities of Corona vaccines to the numbers of people who registered on the website in order to receive the first dose, mentioning that the state will receive 4 million doses of vaccination that would be provided by Kovacs coalition during the end of this month.

0 martyrs
According to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate page, the number of the victims of doctors .


A parliamentary hysteria and a show of force in a step to move forward to the square of violence:

Hysteria and show of force was the title of political life this week. After the dispersal of the sit-in of the Free Constitutional Party which started last week, the Ennahda Movement issued a statement denouncing these actions, in addition to following up the economic and social situation in the country, including the issue of vaccinations and it also confirmed its infinite support to Mechichi government.

In her response to this statement and the issue of the dispersal of the sit-in, Abeer Mousa, Head of the Free Constitutional Party declared in a video she published on its Facebook official page on Thursday evening, March 11, 2021 that the Party, following what happened during the last two days in front of the headquarter of the Union of Muslim Scholars, decided to submit an appeal to the Administrative Court regarding the decision to remove the sit-in tent and to file a complaint against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, Hecham Mechichi and the governor of Tunis, Chadli Boualak, for “the assault, the attempt of mass killing and damage of private property”. Filing a complaint against the Dignity Coalition on the charge of “forming a criminal accord to assault private persons and property,” according to her claim, and conducting follow-up in national and international courts, in addition to filing a complaint against Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi, the Ennahda Movement and all those who attended the sit-in from the movement’s bloc in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Law.

In addition, Mousa declared that she will file a complaint concerning assaults on the representatives of the Free Constitutional Party to the High Commission for Human Rights, stressing that the party’s sit-in is constitutional and legal. Moussa called on the President of the Republic, Kais Saeied, to convene an emergency National Security Council, the first point of which would be the issue of the Union of Muslim Scholars in the Tunis branch, stressing that all documents confiscated by the Free Constitutional Party from the Union’s headquarters would be directed to both the President and the Minister of Women.

The Hysteria of Mousa did not stop to this extent, as she continued her protest in the assembly, carrying the loudspeaker as usual, and disrupting the conduct of the plenary session by preventing the representatives from entering the session hall. It is a show that has become usual and not shocking to citizens.

In addition,the representative of the Dignity Coalition, Saifuddin Makhlouf continued the show of Abeer Moussa but with a different way as he attacked the security personnel at the airport after they prevented a woman who faced the unconstitutional S 17 procedure from traveling. He causes chaos in the place, justifying that his oversight role as a representative allows him to do that. As a result of this blatant assault on one of the state’s sovereignty institutions, Makhlouf and all of the Dignity Coalition deputies who were with him were dismissed. In addition, Prime Minister Hecham Mechichi went to the airport in order to express his support for security personnel, denouncing the show of representatives who are in a sovereign institution.

On the background of these incidents, Public Prosecution authorized an investigation for that purpose. In addition, Several parties condemned this behavior, including the Heart of Tunisia Party and the Hope Party which suggested that the law does not grant immunity to MPs in case of flagrante delicto, as well as the Labor Union which issued a statement on the purpose.

The politician dispute has mutual accusations and several leakages:

Always in the context of political conflicts and disputes, the Vice-Chairman of the Finance Committee, Ayad Al Loumi, confirmed during a press conference that the Finance Committee had nothing to do with the message that the Chairman of the Committee Haikal Al Mekki sent to the President of the Republic, indicating that there was a coup within the committee. The members of the committee will go to the Presidency of the Assembly and its office to issue a decision that “ denies relation of the letter to this committee.” Al Loumi considered that Al Mekki Al-Loumi works “to implement the political agenda of the democratic bloc with the aim of passing the agendas of the president of the republic.” that is following the confirmation of the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Heikal Al Mekki, that he and the committee’s reporter from the Ennahda movement, Faysal Derbal, had obtained a mandate from the committee to write a letter to the President of the Republic to inform him of the seriousness of the economic situation after reducing the credit rating for Tunisia and convening a National Security Council on the file.

On the other hand, the recently leaked audios for the head of the Democratic bloc, Mohamed Ammar Al Gadal aroused public opinion when the latter said hostile statements against several political bodies, including the Heart of Tunisia and the Ennahda Movement. Following these statements, the representative, Ayad Al Loumi called on the Public Prosecution to open an investigation regarding that. While Mohamed Ammar confirmed that these statements were recorded illegally in a visit to his home. And he has an intention to sue MPs Rashid Al Khayari and Moaz Bin Diaf.

An attempt to find solutions to the political crisis: Can the dialogue be the best solution

The People’s Party has accused the president of the republic of receiving foreign support and funds in his election campaign. It seems that this state of mistrust that the country is currently experiencing is the main cause of the increase in the severity of the crisis between the two heads of the executive authority, as the representative of the Democratic Current Party, Ghazi Shawashy,  , during his last meeting with the President of the Republic, confirmed that it has become clear to him that he considered the Mechichi government is unable to manage the political, social and economic crisis in the country. In addition, he fears from the failure of the national dialogue with the Prime Minister. Ghazi Shawashy had declared his resignation from the Democratic Current without mentioning any reasons

In an attempt to address the failure of the government and the features of the return to the state of the police, a group of deputies submitted a request to establish an investigation committee to investigate the circumstances of the suspicious death of the young man, Abd al-Salam Zayan, within the framework of exercising the role of the supervisory council. In addition, 40 organizations and associations sent an open letter to the President of the Republic, requesting a pardon for all young people who were arbitrarily arrested.

In light of the instability of the political scene, the heads of parliamentary blocs met on Tuesday 16 March to collect the signatures of the withdrawal of confidence from the Speaker of the Council, Rashid Ghannouchi, which adds to the tension and uncertainty of the scene.

Despite the depth of this political crisis, the President of the Republic still tops the results of probing the intentions of the presidential vote with 53.3%, followed by Abeer Moussa with 13.1%, and Nabil Karoui with 8.4%.

In his initiative to overcome these crises, Mr. Rashid Al-Ghannouchi emphasized in an interview with him his call for a national dialogue, in which all political parties would be involved to overcome the dead end reached by the political crisis. In addition, during that meeting he called on adopting a parliamentary political system and the necessity to make urgent economic reforms.

In addition, the Tunisian General Labor Union also stressed the necessity of this dialogue and that it will take another step soon to amend the compass in the country.

Intensive governmental and presidential work at the national and foreign levels:

The President of the Republic, Kais Saeied, called the head of the new Libyan government, Mr. Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, to express to him his warmest congratulations to the Libyan people after they granted confidence to this new government, and the President of the Republic stressed that this step taken by the Libyan people would pave the way for other steps.

The Tunisian President Qais Said announced his visit to Libya the following day, as part of Tunisia’s support for the democratic path in Libya, linking bridges of communication and consolidating the year of consultation and coordination between the leaderships of the two countries. Once his arrival to Libya, the President of the Republic, Kais Saeied held talks in Diafa Palace in Tripoli with the head of the Libyan National Unity Government, Mr. Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba, and the bilateral talks were followed by an expanded meeting between the delegations of the two countries. In addition, Kais Saeied visited the Diafa Palace in Tripoli, where he held extensive talks with the President of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mr. Mohamed Al Menfi. On the Libyan side, the two Vice-Presidents of the Council, Mr. Abdullah Al-Lafi and Moussa Al-Kouni, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Najla Al-Manqoush, and the Minister of Economy and Trade Mr. Mohamed Al-Hawaij attended the talks. While on the Tunisian side, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, Mr. Othman Al-Jarandi, and a number of members of the Presidential office, including the advisor in charge of economic files.

As for government work, on Thursday, March 11, 2021, a cabinet meeting was held at the Government Palace in the Kasbah. This meeting was devoted to examining a number of draft laws and government orders projects. In addition, the Cabinet reviewed a statement concerning the general health status in the country. During this Council, the Prime Minister stated that all appropriate conditions have been created for the launch of vaccination operations in the best circumstances with direct support from the Military Health Ministry, and after deliberation and discussion, the Council of Ministers approved a number of draft laws and government orders, and the draft laws are:

In addition, a number of government draft orders have been approved related to creating disposal units in the authorities and changing the names of institutions. However, what is shocking in this matter, the approval of a draft governmental order related to the approval of the nominal list of victims during the events of the revolution from the agents of the Internal Security Forces of the Ministries of Interior and Justice, while most of the cases of the original wounded and victims of the revolution are still suspended today.

In addition, The Prime Minister supervised, at noon the same day, a narrow ministerial council to consider the program to rescue Tunisian Airlines. During this Council, the Prime Minister stressed the necessity of adopting a strategic participatory approach with the social parties, especially the Tunisian General Labor Union, and also cautioned the need to urgently approve a set of measures that ensure the development of the institution’s activity during the current and future periods, especially at the level of support for air transport and tourist transport. For this summer. In this regard, and in an attempt to save this institution, Mr. Khaled Chelly was appointed as the director general of the Tunisian Airlines company, and as a result the Ministry of Transport and Logistics enabled the corporation to reschedule a treasury loan of 20 million dinars and granted it treasury loans amounting to about 56 million dinars.

On the national level, the Prime Minister declared the resumption of cultural activities while applying the health protocol due to the relative breakthrough in the health situation of the country. In addition, this decision is due to the grave harm suffered by affiliates in the cultural, artistic and creative fields.

Following the explosion of a tanker in the asphalt plant in the industrial zone of Gabes on March 13, 2021, which resulted in the death of 5 people, the Prime Minister Hicham Mechichi assigned the Minister of Trade and Export Development and the Acting Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines, Mohamed Bou Said, to immediately move to Gabes to see the circumstances and circumstances of this painful incident Killed 5 people and one injured

In addition, the President of the Republic went to the place of the accident to examine the effects of the fire and offer condolences to the families of the victims.

Following this incident, the Tunisian General Labour Union denounced in a statement the recklessness and indifference of the companies located in the industrial zone of Gabes and called for an investigative study to be opened. From its part, the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights in Gabes demanded in a statement to provide the industrial zone with a Qar center and equipped for urgent health intervention, and called on the judiciary to conduct the necessary investigations to determine the responsibilities for the tragedy of the asphalt plant today and to provide justice for the families of the victims and the injured.

Terrorism and pollution threaten the right to life:

The victims of terrorism and the marginalization of the state are increasing day by day, and the matter increases when it comes to the injury of innocent children, as two children were killed as a result of a mine explosion in Djebel Selloum in Kasserine on Thursday, March 11, 2021. These direct violations continue in light of complete disregard for the inhabitants of these areas from the state, the political parties and the authorities concerned. In addition, the indirect violations that may claim the lives of thousands of citizens, as the head of the Parliament’s Administrative Reform, Governance and Anti-Corruption Committee, Badr Al Din Al Gammudi, confirmed the involvement of many officials in polluting the Sidi Salem Dam, which is supposed to supply thousands of Tunisians with drinking water. Following that, the representative filed a criminal complaint against all those who involved in this case

Unprecedented Violations of Journalists’ Rights and Renewed Demands for Development:

As a protest and denouncing movement for the continuing silence of the Ministry of Interior regarding the systematic assaults of its security agents against journalists (m-f) or photojournalists (m-f), journalists have suspended their partnership with the Ministry of Interior. The Syndicate mentioned to the Ministry of Interior that the basis of the partnership is based on ensuring freedom of work and not placing unlawful obstacles on it. And that what happened recently from repeated attacks by security agents has gone beyond the stage of individual mistakes into systematic attacks that are reinforced by the Ministry of Interior’s continued silence and lack of accountability. The union has decided to assign the staff Its law to file a complaint against the Ministry of the Interior and all those who will be exposed by the search are those involved in the repeated attacks on journalists and photographers.

In addition, it demanded the protection for journalists (m-f) from all forms of assaults whatever their source together with helping them in performing their role without restriction. The syndicate denounced the practices of some political parties which seek to force journalists (m-f) get involved into the political disputes. In addition, they turned a number of their followers to be oppressive bodies against journalists.

In light of the economic decline that the country is witnessing after the Corona pandemic, a group of independent sellers protested in front of the Tunis municipality, demanding that it implement the agreement that provides for the preparation of commercial spaces for them to carry out their activities and to return goods that have been robbed of them and have not been returned.

As the protesters’ voices and chants usually rise in order to demand development and employment in their regions, as Gabes residents took advantage of the president’s visit to the region and a large crowd gathered in front of the headquarters of Gabes governorates on Sunday, March 14, 2021. The voice of protests is raised, denouncing the deterioration of situation on all levels amid the government’s inability in finding solutions in light of a social, economic and political crisis in Tunisia which sheds its lights over all regions of the country and various sectors.

The transitional justice process witnesses some positive transformations:

In a follow-up to the President of the Republic of the issue of recovering the stolen money, the Presidency of the Republic announced, on Wednesday, March 10, that the Swiss authorities have transferred an amount of money estimated at about 3 and a half million dinars to the account of the Tunisian state in the central bank. According to the presidential notification, these transfers fall within the framework of an international judicial delegation dated back to September 10, 2020, in connection with the case of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his relatives issued by the Tunisian judicial authorities and according to the diplomatic efforts made in this regard.

The Presidency explained that while this amount appears to be low compared to other sums still abroad, its recovery is evidence that working hard and sincerely can contribute to recovering the rest of the sums.

In a positive move towards the process of transitional justice,this week on Tuesday March 16, 2021, the Prime Minister, Hecham Mechichi has met the head of the High Commission for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Tawfiq Bouderbala in the government’s palace in Kasbah.

The head of the High Commission for Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Tawfiq Bouderbala, announced that the Prime Minister authorized the publication of the nominal list of martyrs and casualties of the revolution, considering that the publication of this list is an important and symbolic event, especially as it coincides with the celebration of Independence Day. On this occasion, the Prime Minister received the National Human Rights Report 2016-2019. In addition, he handed him a copy of the nominal list of martyrs and casualties of the revolution.

The Supreme Council of Justice refers Al Tayeb Rached and Basheir Al Ekremy to disciplinary council:

During its plenary session, the Supreme Council of Justice has taken a group of decisions related to the case of Al Tayeb Rached and Bashir Al Ekremy.

First:  Considering the Disciplinary Council undertaking the disciplinary files referred to it by the Acting Minister of Justice.

second: Appointing the officials to conduct necessary disciplinary research.

Third:  Referring suspicions related to non-judges mentioned in the report to the Public Prosecution office at the Court of First Instance in Tunisia, in implementation of the provisions of Article No.29 of the Code of Criminal Procedure

On the other hand, in following up on the cases of financial corruption, the accusation department decided to refer businessman Youssef Al Maimouni to the criminal department for financial corruption cases in the Court of First Instance in Tunisia due to seizing a maritime public property with his release in exchange for a financial guarantee of 2 million dinars. In addition, The case of businessman Shafiq Al Jaraya has also been postponed until May.

Health status: The exist from the crisis is near despite the initial impediment of the vaccination campaign:

In light of the relative improvement in the health situation in the country, especially the decrease in the number of infections and the advent of vaccination, the Ministry of Health decided to reduce some measures, especially for travelers. Where they are required to do the following actions:

Regarding the vaccination process, the Director of Basic Health Care and a member of the vaccination committee at the Ministry of Health confirmed that the vaccination process will start on Saturday, March 13, 2021, knowing that this process only concerns 15 thousand health professionals. She explained that the total number of health professionals is 120,000, and the rest will be vaccinated later, according to the priority program set by the ministry. In addition, she reported that no Coronavirus tests will be performed on those who will receive the vaccine, while it was decided not to vaccinate those who were infected with Corona less than 6 months ago. She also indicated that the 500 thousand vaccine doses that the Prime Minister announced about its arrival are 93 thousand “Pfizer” vaccines, and 100 thousand doses in the form of direct purchase, in addition to quantities of the AstraZeneca vaccine, starting from March 22, 2021.

However, despite these positive indications, some areas are still witnessing a great degree of danger due to the spread of the British dynasty, including the delegation of Nefza and El Krip. As a result, a comprehensive quarantine was imposed for a week in these areas. In addition, the demand for the vaccination campaign was not high in various agencies, so that only 25 health professionals in Kasserine State were vaccinated from among the 600 doses obtained by this body.

With regard to the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya :
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Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
Confirmed cases
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