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The weekly newsletter from 25th march to 1st of april 2021


Egyptian experience has succeeded in rescuing global navigation lines:

Efforts to float the huge container ship “Ever Given”, which was stuck in the Suez Canal, succeeded and the ship was freed and moved in the shipping course. The ship was stuck at the southern end of the Suez Canal for a period of six days. The length of “Ever Given” is 400 meters. It is noteworthy that the ship ran aground while crossing the canal, which is no more than Its width is much more than 200 meters. Several difficulties were surrounding the circumstances of the running aground of the Ever Given Ship such as the weather and the difficulty of entering the appropriate size cranes near the ship. All these circumstances made experts warn against damaging the ship, which could cause the size of the damage due to its splitting in two and sinking to the bottom.

The Renaissance Dam Before the second filling of the tanks, would the use of military force

be the last option for the Egyptian authorities in the face of Ethiopian intransigence:

On Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi was warned from touching Egypt’s water in his comment on the developments of the negotiations of the Ethiopiean Renaissance Dam which Egypt fears its effect on its share of the Nile River. He said: “We don’t threaten anyone but no one could take any drop of water from Egypt otherwise the region would face a state of instability which no one can imagine and whoever wants to try, do that. In addition, he confirmed that Egyptian side is looking forward to reaching a legally binding agreement to fill and operate the Dam ”. Al Sisi has explained that “we seek to have our right in the Nile River and nothing more. There is an additional move during the coming weeks through negotiations. He indicated that ‘effects of hostile actions extend for many years”.

Al-Sisi’s statements came after the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Dina Mufti, said that his country had informed the US envoy to Sudan, Donald Booth, of Ethiopia’s proceeding with the second filling of the Renaissance Dam and that it was part of the process of building the Renaissance Dam. In a quick reaction, the Ethiopian ambassador to Cairo, “Marcus Tekle Rick” said that negotiations on the Renaissance Dam file with Egypt and Sudan would soon be resumed in order to reach a satisfactory agreement for all parties under the auspices of the African Union.

The Cabinet approves the draft budget for the next fiscal year 2021/2022:

The Cabinet approved the draft budget for the fiscal year 2022/2021 in order to continue efforts to maintain balanced financial stability in light of the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic and efforts to support and stimulate economic activity without prejudice to the sustainability of budget and debt indicators. The most important items of the budget are as follows:

Multiple Disasters Week:

An official source in Giza governorate announced that a scaffolding of a pillar in the Tersa Bridge on El-Mariouteya Road in the Al-Haram neighborhood fell on one of the cars, without any injuries. As a result, traffic stopped, and cars were crowded in the direction from Al Haram to the beginning of the Ring Road and Abu Al Nomros Road. .

0 Storey
residential building

A 10-storey residential building collapsed on Saturday morning in the Gesr El Suez region in Cairo, next to Omar bin Al Khattab metro station, and 40 ambulances transported the injured to two hospitals in the area, while the Egyptian security services arrested the owner of the property, and took the necessary legal measures against him. This came after the Public Prosecution has issued an order to seize and bring the owner of a collapsed property in Al Salam neighborhood, as it had received notification from the Civil Protection Department in Cairo, about the collapse of a property in Al Salam Police Department first, which resulted in the collapse of more than 20 victims. It is noteworthy that the head of the Gisr El Suez neighborhood said before the Public Prosecution office, which started its investigations, that a violation was issued regarding the Gesr El Suez property earlier, and the governorate was informed and we were awaiting a decision on the request from the governorate about it..

Regarding the collision between two trains, one of a distinguished class and another of an air-conditioned class, in front of the village of Al Sawamah of the Tahta district in Sohag province, in which the Egyptian Ministry of Health recorded 19 deaths and 185 injuries, the Egyptian Attorney General ordered, according to the two train drivers and their assistants, and the superintendent of the Maragha railway station tower, on Pending investigations into the collision in Sohag, southern Egypt. The detention order included the head of the Central Monitoring Department in Assiut and observers in the precautionary section pending investigations, in the incident that shook the Egyptian street. The Public Prosecution entrusted the Committee of 5 which its issuance was through a decision to indicate the extent to which the area between the Maragha and Tahta stations is considered one of the areas of disengagement with projects to develop signal systems, or the areas of electrical crossover and the extent of their compliance with the executive decision issued by the National Authority for Egyptian Railways regarding the operation of automatic control devices on the parts of the lines not equipped with this control system..

Egyptian women continue to reap the benefits of the month of women:

After the House of Representatives approved Article No.242 bis of the draft penal code, which included increasing the penalty for those who had performed female circumcision to be five years, and if that resulted in a permanent disability, the penalty would be  hard labor for a period of no less than seven years. If it leads to death, the punishment is hard labor for a period of not less than ten years and criminalizes the behavior of every doctor or practitioner of the nursing profession who carries out the crime of circumcision. In addition to the foregoing penalties which the court was obliged to order such as the closure of the private facility in which the crime was carried out, whether it is owned by the doctor who committed the crime or if its actual director knows about committing it, and if it is authorized then it is The period of closure is equal to the period of the prohibition from practicing the profession, and the removal of its paintings and banners is a period equal to that of the ban from practicing the profession, without prejudice to the rights of bona fide third parties, and the publication of the judgment in two daily newspapers and widespread electronic websites designated by the judgment at the expense of the convicted person..

In addition, the General Secretariat of the State Council has started to receive  female members of the Administrative Prosecution and State Cases Authority who wish to be appointed to the State Council at the two ranks (delegate and deputy), according to the announcement issued by the Council in implementation of the presidential directives issued on March 8 on the occasion of International Women’s Day with the help of women in appointment as judges. State Council .

In addition, on Sunday, the Qasr El Nil Misdemeanor Court has ruled the acquittal of actress Rania Youssef from the accusations of committing an indecent public act, corruption, disdaining religions and spreading false news. Lawyer has submitted a report and raised a lawsuit against Rania Youssef accusing her that during an interview, Rania Youssef talked about her butt being sexy. It is noteworthy that the Qasr Al Nil Misdemeanor Court had previously acquitted the artist Rania Youssef of the indictment of an indecent act in another case against her.

0 pounds

In addition, El Nozha Misdemeanor Court, headed by Counselor Amr Mukhtar has ruled to imprison the accused person who committed an act in front of a girl in the subway for the purpose of harassment, for hard labour for 3 years, and a fine of 20 thousand pounds.. The “Public Prosecution” also submitted to the “Court of Cassation” an appeal against the acquittal ruling of the accused person for kidnnaping and raping the victim, Amal Abdel Hamid, known as “Aga Girl” which resulted in having a child with her against her will which wasissued in November of last year, as the “Public Prosecution” appealed the judgment after its issuance, and the court rejected the appeal and upheld the appealed judgment. Therefore, the Public Prosecution appealed the ruling before the “Court of Cassation,” and included in the appeal memorandum its reasons in detail after studying the acquittal judgment and rejecting the appeal..

The negative news this week is the decision of the 27th Circuit New Cairo Court, to release three accused persons in the case of the gang rape of a girl inside the “Fairmount” hotel in 2014, on bail of 100,000 pounds..

The Fifth and Third Circuits of Terrorist Criminal Court

have issued several hard rulings, renewal of imprisonment and release with

precautionary measures:

The Fifth Terrorist Circuit of the Cairo Criminal Court has ruled to punish 5 defendants, with life imprisonment and listing them on terrorist lists, for accusing them of joining the “ISIS October terrorist cell”. The Fifth Circuit of the Cairo Terrorist Criminal Court has also ruled to punish an accused person who is accused with others in the case known as “burning a police car in “Hadayek Helwan region” for 7 years , and in the case known in the media as “Daher violent incidents,” the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced the accused persons to 3 years.

  The Third Circuit of the Cairo Criminal Terrorist Court has decided to release Ashraf Al hanafy who was in pretrial detention pending investigations in case no.1898 of 2019 the State Security counting as the Court has decided to replace pretrial detention with precautionary measures.

 In addition, last week the Third Criminal Terrorist Court has decided to release Sayed Abdel Ghany, leader in Dostour Party in Mit Ghamr as it replaced his imprisonment with precautionary measures pending investigations in case no.855 of 2020 the State Security Counting .

The Third Circuit of the Cairo Criminal Terrorist Court, has renewed the imprisonment of blogger Mohamed Oxygen, activist Sameh Saudi and lawyer Akrami Mohamed for 45 days pending case no.855 of 2020 the State Security counting, as well as the activist Ayman Mohamed Ebaid for 45 days pending case no.1017 of 2020 the State Security counting. In addition, it has renewed the imprisonment of the two journalists, Mustafa Al Asar and Moataz Wadnan for 45 days pending case no.1898 of 2019 State Security counting, besides renewing the detention of dozens of those arrested for 45 days in case no.1530 of 2019 State Security counting.

tobacco companies object and warn against monopoly:

A group of local cigarette companies filed a complaint to the Competition Protection Agency regarding the conditions of bidding for the new cigarette industry license that was put forward by the Industrial Development Authority earlier this week. The companies had filed a complaint to the Cabinet against the terms of the auction, which included obligating the new company to sell cigarettes at a higher price of 50 % Of the Eastern Tobacco price, and preventing the company from producing cigarettes of the popular price category, in addition to granting the Eastern Tobacco Company the right to own 24% of the capital of the new company which was previously described by Mona Yassin, head of the Competition Protection Authority in statements that it represents a clear violation of the Law on Protection of Competition and the prevention of monopolistic practices.

Concerns regarding fair distribution of the vaccinations:

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population has announced the increase in the number of centers for Coronavirus vaccination to 138 centers, health unit and hospital across the republic as part of the expansion of centers which give vaccination in order to facilitate the deserving groups of citizens.

During the past few days, citizens have declared receiving Coronavirus vaccination after one day or few days from registration on the website during the past week. That raised concern of a number of others who registered their information during the past weeks, without informing them with the date of receiving vaccination till now especially in Cairo and giza. Although some of them are elderly or have chronic diseases. In addition, the number of victims of doctors due to competing Coronavirus, has become 423 martyrs according to the page of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate in addition, the Ministry of Health has announced that the recorded total number of infections with Coronavirus is 201432, including the recovery of 154194 and 11956 death cases.

0 martyrs
the number of victims of doctors due to competing Coronavirus, according to the page of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate


Debate continues concerning Constitutional Court:

Current debate concerning performing constitutional oaths of the proposed ministers in the cabinet reshuffle and the lack of competence of any current institution to do that, has led to the importance of establishing a constitutional court. This week, the House of Representatives has discussed a draft basic law related to completing and reviewing basic law no.50 of 2015 related to the Constitutional Court which was ratified on Thursday, March 25, 2021 by the approval of 111 votes. By the expiration of deadlines of appeal, it was referred to the departments of the Presidency of the Republic for signature and stamping. As a result, President of the Republic has met three constitutional law professors, including Mr.Amin Mahfouz.During this meeting, they focused on the main role of the Constitutional Court in establishing the rule of law away from political considerations, confirming the need for this court to fulfill all conditions for the realization of its objectives, including neutrality and efficiency so as not to be a branch for any any political region Mahfouz stressed the importance of the competency requirement as a basic condition that must be met in the members of the Constitutional Court, and stressed the president’s fear from the Manipulating  members of this court would occur, just as members of other bodies  who were previously tampered with. In addition, Professor Al Saghir AlcZakrawi has suggested the possibility of returning the bill to the Assembly for a second reading. In return, Rabeh Al Kharaifi called on the President of the Republic to sign the bill.

Intensive meetings of the Prime Minister: A political maneuver or un-intended action?

President of the Republic has expressed his condemnation of separated meeting among a number of officials in Tunisia and number of foreign official without prior coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs He confirmed in his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs the need to put an end for these practices as they impede the normal function of the state’s institutions.

On Tuesday afternoon, March 30, 2021, Prime Minister Hecham Mechichi supervised at the Government Palace in Kasbah a meeting that included a number of representatives of the Syndicate of Agents, Security Forces of the President of the State and official personalities, and confirmed during this meeting his readiness to consider the various presented visions that would serve the professional and social conditions of this field.

 In addition,  on Tuesday morning, March 30, 2021, he has supervised the official launching of the Tunisian-German cooperation project on strengthening the food safety system and protecting consumer health in Tunisia

  On Monday, March 29, 2021, Hisham El-Mechichi met with representatives of the parties and blocs supporting the government in the Kasbah, stressing that this periodic meeting with representatives of the parties and parliamentary blocs supporting the government comes within the framework of continuing consultations and working to further consolidation of the rapprochement between the political belt and the government. In addition to taking advantage of the proposals and solutions that could be provided by political parties, especially in this period, which is considered one of the most difficult periods the country knows at the economic, social and political level, with the worsening of the political crisis and its effects on the general situation in the country

The truth of the Ennahda billions and the health deterioration of Rached Ghannouchi?

Rumors spread in the past period about the deterioration of the health of the Speaker of Parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, and Maher Mazyoub, a member of the Office of the People’s Representatives who is in charge of information and communication and the leader of the Ennahda movement, had suggested regarding this that foreign agendas are spreading these rumors about Rached Ghannouchi, as the Ennahda movement had previously confirmed in a statement which was issued on March 27, 2021 that it will prosecute all those who “deliberately spread rumors and lies against the party and its leaders.” The movement also filed a lawsuit against Al Anwar newspaper which published an article in this regard.

The national dialogue is near in light of the participation of youth: Is it possible?

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the President of the Republic, Kais Saeied met Mr. Nizar Yaish, former Minister of Finance. It is noteworthy that Mr. Nizar Yaish gave a detailed presentation on the status of the economy, public finances, the budget, and their direct threats to national security, and presented practical proposals and an integrated vision for solutions and reforms that would help the country out of the current crisis. In addition, Mr. Nizar Yaish has briefed the President of the Republic on a new and advanced Tunisian media system that enables these visions and others to be presented within the framework of a national dialogue. The President has expressed his readiness to involve young people in dialogue through modern means of communication, in a way that enables the elaboration of proposals and demands that proceed from the local level and then later be formulated by professionals. The Secretary-General of the Labor Union, “Noureddine Taboubi,” confirmed during his interview with France 24 that the President of the Republic will soon oversee the national dialogue.

السيّد نزار يعيش
Mr. Nizar Yaish

Government seeks developing health and economic situation:

   On the international level, and in the context of addressing the Corona pandemic, President of the Republic, Kais Saeied, together with three heads of state and government and international personalities, signed an editorial on “Establishing an international treaty related to preparing and responding to global health pandemics”, published today, Tuesday, in The world’s largest newspapers in different languages.

Judiciary is threatened :

The Supreme Council decided, in its session held on Tuesday 30 March 2021, to reintegrate 5 judges who were dismissed or exempted between 2011 and 2012. According to the available data, the reintegrated judges to the judiciary obtained final decisions from the administrative court, which ruled to nullify and cancel their exemption decisions.

On the other hand, the Council requested 5 other judges who were previously exempted to submit requests for a “referral to not assume their duties” to the National Lawyers Authority in Tunisia so that he could reintegrate them in turn as they joined the bar, after they were exempted from the judiciary. But what is the legitimacy of this decision or not! Could it affect the independence of the judiciary and exacerbate the severity of the crisis in light of the conflict that raged between the executive and legislative branches and between the two heads of the executive authority itself?

Human rights are at stake:

It seems that human trafficking operations no longer affect only elderly and black-skinned people, but also infants and children, as this process is repeated for the second time in a row during this month as the investigating judge of the First Instance Court of Sousse 1 issued prison deposit cards, against three defendants. In the case of selling a newborn infant, for the accusation of human trafficking, according to what was confirmed by the first assistant to the public prosecutor. These cards are related to both the mother of the infant and the woman who received it in exchange for paying a sum of money and guaranteeing her the expenses of the delivery process in one of the clinics of Sousse, and the third card is against a woman who mediated in the process of selling the baby. The brother of the woman who received the baby was also included in the inspection for the same charge.

 In a follow-up to the environmental issue that recently shook public opinion, the Italian waste issue, the request for the release of the dismissed Minister of Environment and Local Affairs, Mustafa Laroui, was rejected.

The crisis of development and employment continues and the gas crisis is renewed:

The workers of the sand sector in Al Waslatiyah are carrying out an open sit-in to demand the guarantee of their professional and social rights due to their employment without social coverage and without the provision of safety elements within the section. They demanded the necessity of concluding employment contracts in order to enjoy social coverage and acceptable wages.

 The gas crisis is renewed, as the state of tension continues in Tataouine, as Kamor Coordinators tried to storm the state headquarters and were prevented with tear gas, and as a result, they decided to continue the strike. On their part, the wholesale distributors of domestic gas cylinders suspended their activities from 12 to 14 April 2021. 

For its part, the UGTT confirmed holding the general strike on April 8, 2021.

In a follow up to financial cases and the case of mass poisoning trucks for this week:

Recently, cases and suspensions of corruption continue. After the issue of polluted water at Sidi Salem Dam, today the crisis is renewed with the issue of petroleum coke as representative, Badr Al Din Al Qamoudi made a warning shout once again concerning transporting a toxic  petroleum coke in trucks which transport basic foodstuffs represented in grains. However, the strange thing about this matter this time is that the matter is not due to the laxity of official or their involvement with some parties, on the contrary it was clear the Gabes Municipality has did what it should be done and issued a decision to prevent loading or using the material for cement factories in Gabes since 2019. However, the factory and port has raised lawsuits against the municipal council and judiciary hasn’t yet decided on this file  Therefore, the municipality’s decision was suspended until the case is settled.

The exacerbation of the epidemiological situation calls for a change in the members of the scientific committee:

cases with the British strain till today.

Health Minister Fawzi Mahdi confirmed that Tunisia has registered about 40 new strains of the virus, considering that to be normal. He also confirmed the infections of 100 cases with the British strain till today.

 Tunisia had recorded 1002 new cases and 28 deaths on March 29, 2021, in an obvious increase in the number of cases after it had recorded a decrease in the last period. Galila Ben Khalil, a member of the scientific committee to confront Corona, confirmed the increased pressure on hospitals and resuscitation beds. It seems that the deterioration of the health situation in the country and the exacerbation of the epidemiological situation made the government question its choices and appointments in this sector. She started to wonder whether those who occupy this sector are qualified or not? As the Ministry of Health made several changes in the formation of the Scientific Committee to combat Coronavirus, headed by Dr. Nassaf Ben Alia.”

On the other hand and in a follow up to the vaccination, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that the number of persons who received vaccination has reached 53089 persons after 17 days from launching the National Campaign for vaccination.


The UN Mission is for support and rearranging the home: 

Jan Kubiš, the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary-General and head of the UN Support Mission to Libya, has made several meetings in the framework of following up the confirmation of holding elections in its date on the coming December 24. During his meeting with Aguila Saleh, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aguila, in turn, has asserted the House’s willingness to find a necessary legal and constitutional framework in order to hold elections in time. The Special Envoy has congratulated counselor Saleh for his leadership which was embodied in reunification of the House of Representatives which has led to granting confidence to the new Unity Government. In addition, he renewed the commitment of the UN concerning providing all necessary support to the High National Election Commission and relevant Libyan Authorities that would organize holding elections in time.

The head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Jan Kubis

In addition, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General and Georgette Gagnon, Assistant Secretary-General, Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, have met the head of the Board of Directors of the High National Elections Commission, dr.Emad Al Sayeh, in Tripoli where he reviewed them with current logistical and technical preparations of the Commission in order to hold national elections. Jan Kubiš and Gagnon have stressed the importance of achieving legal and constitutional basis for elections in appropriate time. 

Moreover, the Special Envoy has met the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, counselor Mohamed Al Qamoudi Al Hafy, his deputies and members of the council. They discussed ways to strengthen Libyan and International cooperation to support the judicial sector in the country. The Special Envoy has expressed his appreciation to the important role which was played by the judicial authority during the past period for unifying this institution together with preserving its independence and neutrality.  

In a related context, the Special Envoy has congratulated Minister of Interior, Khaled Al Tigany Mazen on his appointment during their meeting yesterday in Tripoli where they discussed security situations in Libya, issues of unifying institutions and ways of implementing the ceasefire agreement, in addition to opening the Coastal road, supporting efforts of the (5+5) Joint Military Committee, unifying security institutions across the country, protecting migrants, security preparations for holding national elections and the UN support to the efforts of the ministry, including the fields of training and capacity building

The Committee which is assigned for receiving

and reviewing files of candidates for leadership positions in sovereign positions, starts reviewing files: 

The member of the committee in charge of receiving and reviewing the files of candidates for leadership positions in the sovereign positions, MP Abdel Moneim Balkour, said that the committee will start accepting files for candidacy for leadership positions in sovereign positions starting on Thursday, first of April, and until the end of the working hours of Thursday, April 8. He added that the committee formed By Resolution No. (14) of 2021 by the Speaker of House of Representatives, Counselor Aguila Saleh and which is tasked with receiving and reviewing files for candidates for leadership positions in sovereign positions, held its third meeting today, Tuesday, in the presence of all its members through using Zoom app.

Balkour has explained that during the meeting, an agreement was reached regarding “finalizing the conditions, controls for candidacy for leadership in sovereign positions, according to what was stipulated in the organizing and forming laws and legislations for the work of these institutions”. “starting accepting candidacy files in the offices of the House of Representatives in Benghazi and in its two brances in Tripoli and Sabha, as well as through the online link designated for that. On March 21, Speaker of the House of Representatives has formed a committee consisting of 6 representatives to announce the opening of candidacy for assuming leadership in sovereign positions, receive and count files and resumes of candidates, as well as verifying that they comply with the required conditions for assuming sovereign positions in order to reach a consensus for those who would assume leadership in sovereign positions. In addition to Presenting the candidates’ names to the House of Representatives. The committee includes in its membership each of the following from the House of Representatives: Ramadan Mohamed Mohamed Shambash, Abdel Moneim Gomaa Salem Al Arfi, Abdel Salam Mohamed Abdel Salam Al Murabit, Al Hadi Ali Mohamed Al Saghir, Abdel Moneim Ammar Saad Balkour and Salem Masoud Salem Qanan

Al Menfy’s foreign tour has its fruits: 

 France has reopened its embassy in Tripoli, the capital of Libya after its closure in 2014 for security reasons, in an indication of gradual return of stability in Libya after years of dispute. French President, Emmanuel Macron has announced reopening the embassy after meeting the President of the new Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al Menfy. The French Embassy had been targeted in April 2013 through a car bomb attack which resulted in the injury of two french guards. After that, the Embassy was transferred to a hotel in the capital before the departure of its employees in July 2014 to Tunisia. Together with France, other countries have announced that they would resume their diplomatic activity in Tripoli, including Greece, Malta and Egypt. It is noteworthy that italy is the only foreign country which kept its embassy opened in the capital after 2017

رئيس المجلس الرئاسي الليبي الجديد محمد المنفي
The new president of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Manfi

The assassination of Al Werfalli is fueling fire or a liquidation of accounts: 

The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, said that her office is aware of reports about the death of the “suspect”, Mahmoud Mustafa Bousif Al Werfalli, and they are being verified, confirming that her office condemns the continuing violence in Libya. Bensouda added, in a tweet on the court’s account on Twitter that the news concerning the presence of a delegation from the court in Libya for this purpose is misleading and incorrect, and added that its office confirms its commitment to its mission in accordance with the Rome Statute with regard to the investigation in Libya.

Radio France International revealed that the head of the Libyan Presidency Council, Mohamed Al Manfy, had directed an official request to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to withdraw the Syrian mercenaries and Turkish military experts from Tripoli. According to a Libyan government source on French Radio, the request to withdraw mercenaries and experts was transferred to the Turkish authorities ten days ago. Tripoli, and the Libyans announced after that that they would stop paying the salaries of mercenaries, contrary to the terms of the military agreement signed with the previous government of Fayez Al Sarraj. Libya and Ankara were linked to two military and economic agreements signed in November 2019, as it seems that Turkey is ready to reconsider the military deal, if preserved Its economic interests, but the new leaders of the Libyan authority want to preserve the economic agreement in order to benefit from a large share of gas, as the agreement gives Turkey the right to extract gas. The two countries have agreed on the need to increase trade, while Ankara seeks to increase its investments in Libya and intends to participate more actively in the reconstruction. Turkey, under international pressure, began to withdraw a very limited number of Syrian mercenaries from Tripoli, estimated at 8,000 fighters.

During the visit of German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and his French counterparts Jean-Yves Le Drian and Italian Luigi Di Maio in Tripoli recently, they called in a joint appeal for the immediate withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya, and Libyan Foreign Minister Najla Al Manqoush stated during a press conference with her three European counterparts: “We reiterate the need for all mercenaries to leave Libya immediately,” and the same call was made by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the condition for the departure of mercenaries as well as foreign forces is part of the ceasefire agreement negotiated by the United Nations, which estimates the number of soldiers and foreign fighters in Libya About 20,000 individuals.In the same context, the British ambassador to Libya, Nicholas Hobten, stressed the need to respect the demands of the Libyan people and the foreign forces and mercenaries to leave the country 

The return of lifeboats increased the success of rescue operations: 

The marine boat “P301” of the General Administration of Coastal Security managed to seize and rescue a boat of illegal immigrants with 143 illegal immigrants on board. The Ministry of Interior stated in a communication that immigrants are from different nationalities, including one woman, were found at sea, and the migrants were rescued. They were transferred to the point of the anti-smuggling and maritime infiltration unit in Zuwara affiliated to the Ministry. All humanitarian and medical aid was provided to them in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration “IOM”.

infections with the emerging “Coronavirus”

Humanly, the consulting medical committee for combating Coronavirus in Ajdabiya, has declared recording 21 infections with the emerging “Coronavirus” in the Municipality. The Reference Laboratory of the National Center for Disease Control in Ajdabiya has received 62 samples which laboratory tests have shown the negativity of 41 samples, according to the statement of the Committee on its page on “Facebook”. The discovered infections were 12 new cases and 9 contact cases, while 11 cases were recovered.

With regard to the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya :
Last update : 01/04/2021 - 15:00
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths

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