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The legislative authority and the last steps to promulgated the family law “Personal Status for Copts” .. and the Executive is preparing to implement the new government decisions starting the first of July

Counselor Monsef Suleiman, legal advisor to the Coptic Orthodox Church, member of the House of Representatives, announced the completion of the review of the family law “Personal Status for Copts” in the Ministry of Justice after 16 sessions that brought together ministry officials with representatives of Christian denominations, to agree on all articles of the draft law, Soliman said. , that the Christian denominations fully agreed on the various articles of the law, including those that were previously subject to dispute, pointing out that after the review of its draft in the Ministry of Justice, it will be sent to the Council of Ministers, which in turn will send it either to the State Council for review and then to the House of Representatives, or to the Council of Representatives. It is expected that the law will be passed at the beginning of the next session of the House of Representatives, so that its review has been completed in the Council of Ministers and the State Council as well.

raising the maximum monthly income allowed to obtain a ration card
0 pounds

With the beginning of next July, a number of government decisions will be implemented that affect large sectors of Egyptians, including increasing pensions by 13%, raising the minimum wage for state workers to 2,400 pounds, raising the maximum monthly income allowed to obtain a ration card, in addition to increasing prices for cigarettes and electric strips.

Finally the evening press turns into an electronic version

The National Press Authority decided to convert the publications of “Al-Ahram Evening” issued by Al-Ahram Foundation, “Evening News” issued by Akhbar Al-Youm Foundation, and “Al-Masaa” issued by Dar Al-Tahrir for Printing and Publishing, to an electronic version wages and other financial benefits, provided that this decision is effective as of July 15, 2021.

Similarily to the sexual harassment law, demands to increase the punishment for child rapists after the noticeable increase in the monitoring of sexual assault incidents.

The North Giza Prosecution has ordered the detention of the accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl, inside an office in the Auseem area, for 4 days pending investigations, and also demanded Dr. Abla Al-Alfi, a member of the House of Representatives, in continuation of the state’s efforts to preserve freedoms and fight all kinds of violence against people in all ages, the punishment for child rapists was increased, as was the case with the punishment for harassment, where the punishment for rape became less than harassment, which some consider unacceptable and unfair.

Continuing the implementation of emergency state security decisions of death penalty

The Prisons Authority carried out the death sentences of 6 convicts in criminal cases in Burj Al Arab Prison, and sources said that the executioners were convicted of premeditated murder and theft. The sources added that after the execution of the death sentences, burial permits were issued for them, and the death sentence was carried out against the citizen “Moataz Mustafa Hassan” in case No. 106 of 2019 emergency state security felony known as the “attempt to assassinate the director of Alexandria’s security.” It is known that state security provisions are emergency, final and final rulings that cannot be appealed before the Court of Cassation.

convicts in criminal cases in Burj Al Arab Prison
the death sentences of 0 convicts

After 10 months, the detention of 285 defendants was renewed on the second anniversary of the September events

The Third Circuit, Terrorism, renewed the detention of 285 defendants in connection with Case 880 for the year 2020 investigation report, known in the media as the September events, as well as the renewal of the detention of journalist Hussein Ali Ahmed Karim and others in Case no 26 for the year 2021 investigation limitation, and it also renewed the detention of 47 accused in Case no 65 for a year 2021 inventory investigation.

El Elaimy and the detainees of hope in the cycle of rotation and researcher Ahmed Samir enters his second week of strike.. The human rights file is an intractable problem

A day after the decision of the Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Tora mission, to renew the detention of the lawyer and former parliamentarian Ziad El Elaimy, the activist Hossam Mounis, the journalist Hisham Fouad, the economic expert Omar Al-Shenety, and 6 others, 45 days in pretrial detention pending the ongoing investigations into the case, in which they are accused of financing a group belonging to the terrorist Brotherhood, and helping it achieve its goals and spread false news, in the well-known case of the Hope Detainees. The State Security Prosecution summoned El Elaimy from his prison to complete the interrogations with him, which lasted for ten hours, according to his lawyer, Most of them were published in 2015 and 2016, knowing that the first investigation session was confronted with some articles attributed to him that he published since 2013, and the same charges were brought against him for “the participation of a terrorist group in achieving its purposes (the Brotherhood), publishing with bad intentions news and false data that incites to disturb the public peace and is liable to cause terror among the people.” Ziad has completed two years of pretrial detention, and the Public Prosecution has not yet released him or referred him to trial.

The Bread and Freedom Party announced that the detained researcher, Ahmed Samir El-Santawy, had entered Tora Prison Hospital, after his health condition deteriorated due to his hunger strike. The party said in a statement on Facebook:

Traduction : “Today, two weeks have passed since researcher Ahmed Samir Santawi entered a total strike for food and drink, except for water, in objection to the four-year prison sentence against him in Case 877 of 2021 and a claim for his freedom, which was taken from him for no reason.”

The party explained that Santawi was transferred to the prison hospital after his health deteriorated, and the party announced its solidarity with “Santawy,” and fear for his life, calling for his immediate release and annulment of his sentence.

Nile Linen Group workers: a short strike achieved a tangible victory

After a short strike, Nile Linen Group workers achieved a tangible victory after they reached an agreement with the company’s management to raise the minimum wage by 300 pounds to 2,400 pounds starting from the new year, in addition to establishing a health insurance system in the company, in return for ending the workers’ strike and the start of work from the next day. The demands for raising wages in the company are at least two-months old after a decision by the administration to raise the wages of a group of workers in the textile department by 600 pounds, and to set a minimum wage in this section of up to 3,500 pounds for new workers in it, because of the need for more labor in this department.

The Security Council announces that it will not be able to develop a solution to the crisis of the Renaissance Dam and calls for a negotiation session between the three parties to the crisis.. Egypt informs the Security Council with its refusal to start the process of the second filling of the dam’s reservoir by the Ethiopian side

The Presidency of the United Nations Security Council announced that it will hold its next July 8 session on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, after receiving a request from Egypt and Sudan due to Addis Ababa’s intransigence in reaching an agreement on the dam. The Security Council said in a statement: “We will not be able to solve the problem of the Renaissance Dam, but we will invite The three countries to attend and we will encourage them to negotiate.” Sudan accused Ethiopia of not conveying in an honest and transparent manner the current status of the dam negotiations, to conclude a binding agreement on the rules for filling and operating the dam in a manner that preserves the interests of the three parties.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation said in a statement yesterday that it had responded to a letter from its Ethiopian counterpart stating that the process of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam reservoir had begun, with Egypt’s categorical rejection of this unilateral measure as a violation of the Declaration of Principles agreement concluded between the three countries in 2015. A spokesman for the Ministry of Irrigation and Resources said Al-Hawiya, Muhammad Ghanem, said that the Ethiopian discourse reached us late, and it is a continuation of the unilateral move that continues to put Egypt in front of the fait accompli, noting that the decision of unilateral filling may cause harm to Egypt in the event that the rains falling on the Ethiopian plateau decrease in any year, in parallel, The Ministry of Foreign affairs sent a rejection letter by the Ministry of Water Resources to the President of the Security Council to inform about the Ethiopian step, two days before a session on the issue of the Renaissance Dam, at the request of Egypt and Sudan, due to Addis Ababa’s intransigence to reach an agreement on the dam.

Egypt produces 2 million doses of the “Sinovac-Vaxera” vaccine within days… and Egypt’s white army is still offering martyrs

Hala Zayed, the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, announced the completion of the manufacture of 650,000 doses of the Egyptian “Sinovac-Vaxera” vaccine within 48 hours, with a manufacturing capacity of 300,000 doses through the Vaxera factory, explaining that within the next few days the manufacturing will be completed and the count will be 2 million doses of vaccine.

According to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate page
0 Doctors


House of people’s representatives: Parliament is coloured in violence and populism

Conflicts and a state of tension and repeated acts of violence continue within the Parliament, and even escalate from time to time, thus creating a very bad image of Tunisia at the national and international levels. After the attack on MP Abir Moussi last week during the plenary session, many parties issued statements condemning this matter, including the General Labor Union, which strongly condemned this attack through a statement it issued. The union expressed its solidarity with the head of the Free Constitutional Bloc, considering that ” violence against her is violence directed against women.” He said that this assault is a crime that requires judicial follow-up, calling on the Public Prosecution to pledge spontaneity and strictness in the application of the law and not to impunity.
Some parties also showed solidarity with Moussi and denounced this attack, including the Afaq Tounes party, which considered that what happened is a heinous crime that undermines the foundations of peaceful political practice based on pluralism and respect for different opinions. Afaq Tunisia demanded that the procedures for lifting the parliamentary immunity of the aggressor deputy and withdrawing his parliamentary capacity should be initiated. He renewed the call for the resignation of Parliament Speaker, Rashid Ghannouchi, due to his failure to manage the legislative institution and the exacerbation of the attacks and chaos.

Democratic Current Representative Samia Abbou also wrote a post on her Facebook page, expressing her solidarity with Representative Abir Mousia after the physical assault on her.

For its part, the Presidency of the Government interacted for the first time regarding these repeated attacks in Parliament and issued a statement expressing its condemnation of this behavior, which is an attack on women and the gains achieved thanks to the struggles of Tunisian women. It also affirmed its absolute rejection of all practices that undermine the democratic system and affect the stability of the state. It is the normal functioning of its institutions, whatever their destination.

A group of civil society activists also expressed their rejection of this blatant infringement by writing posts, including civil society activist and journalist Shaima Bouhlal, who expressed her dissatisfaction with this through a post she wrote on her Facebook page on July 1, 2021.

After all these statements, the Council’s office decided, in its session held on July 5, to impose the maximum penalties that the internal system allows on deputies Seif El-Din Makhlouf and Sahbi Samara, according to a statement issued by the council’s office.

A contentious council continues to pass controversial laws

In another context, and after all the controversy and objections raised by the agreement between Tunisia and the Qatar Fund for Development, where many parties objected to it, including the Free Constitutional Bloc and the representative of the National Bloc, Mabrouk Kurshid, who submitted his resignation from the council office as a result, it was passed in its entirety with 122 yes and 12 rejected.

As a result, 30 deputies submitted an appeal against the constitutionality of the draft law related to ratification of the Qatari agreement.

Away from the atmosphere of congestion and controversy within Parliament, during the plenary session of Friday, June 30, 2020, the draft law No. 118 / 2020 related to the organization of domestic work was approved as a whole with 102 yes and one rejection.

The General Legislation Committee also held a session on Wednesday, June 30, 2021, devoted to considering the amended version of the proposed law number 45-2020 related to the revision of the provisions of the check without balance from the commercial magazine submitted by the initiative, following the observations and proposals made during the discussion of this initiative. The committee approved the chapters of the proposed law chapter by chapter in its amended form. Then it approved the amended law proposal unanimously by its present members.

After the Qatari agreement, the draft law on reviving the economy and settling exchange violations, which will be discussed on Monday and Tuesday, July 7, 2021. The draft law aims, according to the initiative, to advance the Tunisian economy and boost investment, but in the hearings, representatives of the Tunisian Institute stated the accountancy experts and the president of the Tunisian General Union of Industry and Trade said that the draft law does not reflect this trend and there are no procedures reflecting effectively on development and improvement of investment but it seems that this draft law hides other intentions accompanied with heavy negative repercussions which IWATCH NGO alarmed from and admitted that it aims at money-laundering and conciliation with the corrupt

Intensive government and presidential work in an attempt to tackle the Corona pandemic

In view of the catastrophic health situation in the country, Chief Of Government Hichem Mechichi paid attention to the health aspect this week, as he decided to accompany all members of the government to vaccination campaigns, and to visit public hospitals in the regions to identify shortcomings to avoid them as soon as possible and take the necessary measures in this regard.

He also supervised the meeting of the National Authority to Combat the Spread of the Corona Virus on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at the Government Palace in the Kasbah, in order to study the proposals that were put forward based on the data related to the rapid development of the health and epidemiological situation and based on the rate of emergence of cases and the death rate and the percentage of positive analyzes and the results of genetic cutting of some samples that were produced and the emergence of new strains in a number of regions. Several decisions were taken, including tightening the procedures adopted at the national level, which are scheduled for the period between June 26 and July 11, as follows:

In the framework of international cooperation, and after the meeting between the Chief Of Governmentand the Ambassador of the United States of America in Tunisia on June 8, 2021, the agreement was unanimously approved with the Tunisian government to strengthen the transport, trade and water sectors in Tunisia. The five-year grant will include projects designed to make trade between the USA and Tunisia easier and less costly by investing in the management, expansion and digitization of the port of Rades as well as improving the management and conservation of the country’s groundwater resources.

In view of the rapid spread of the Corona virus and the serious health situation that the country is witnessing, the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, supervised a meeting with military and security leaders on the Covid-19 pandemic on the evening of Saturday, July 3, 2021. He called on the head of state to think with all the concerned institutions in the state about a new vision to confront this situation. He stressed that national responsibility is not based on political calculations, competition or duel, but rather is based on unifying efforts and measures to be taken in the coming period. He also indicated that this emergency meeting does not compete with any other party, but rather was necessitated by national responsibility, which must be superior to all political considerations or narrow partisanship. He stressed that our country is in a state of war, which calls for concerted efforts and the involvement of people of good will.

During this meeting, a number of proposals were discussed, including dividing or arranging the affected areas in descending order and focusing on the most affected areas to put an end to the pattern of infection rate, according to the proposals made by specialists in this field.
Kais Saied stressed that these proposals must be presented in a different framework that takes into account not only the scientific aspects, but also the economic and social conditions.

The President of the Republic also received, on Friday, July 2, 2021 at Carthage Palace, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, Mr. Othmen Jarandi. The Head of State listened to a presentation on the results of the visits made by the Minister to some brotherly and friendly countries. In this context, the President of the Republic stressed that there is only one diplomacy for the Tunisian state.
On the occasion, he was also briefed on the upcoming benefits of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tunisians Abroad, including the symposium of heads of diplomatic, permanent and consular missions abroad and the annual movement. He also instructed the need for Tunisian diplomacy to redouble its efforts to speed up the pace of vaccination against the Covid-19 virus, especially in light of the rapid spread of this pandemic in our countr

In the context of insisting on the good application of measures to confront the Coronavirus, the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, on the evening of Thursday, July 1, 2021, turned to the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, where he met with a number of general managers and the ministry’s headquarters in order to follow up on the development of the security situation in the country in light of the continuous and rapid rise in the number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus.
He instructed for all necessary measures to be taken, especially in areas where high rates of infection with this virus are recorded, while taking into account the economic and social conditions of citizens.

On Monday, July 5, Kais Saied supervised an emergency meeting in the presence of the Chief of Government, the Ministers of National Defense, Foreign Affairs, Immigration, Tunisians Abroad, Health and Local Affairs, the Governor of the Central Bank, the Director General of Military Health and the Director of the Pasteur Institute. He also supervised the inauguration of the new wing of the reanimation department at the military hospital and laid the foundation stone.

A Tunisian draft resolution at the UN Security Council calls on Ethiopia to stop filling the Renaissance Dam

Tunisia submitted to its 14 partners in the UN Security Council a draft resolution calling on Addis Ababa to stop filling the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam.
The draft resolution states that the Security Council demands “Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume their negotiations at the request of the African Union President and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to reach, within six months, the text of a binding agreement to fill and manage the dam.”

According to the draft resolution, this binding agreement must “ensure Ethiopia’s ability to produce hydroelectric power from the Renaissance Dam while at the same time preventing significant damage to the water security of the downstream countries (Egypt and Sudan).”
In the draft resolution, the Security Council also calls on “the three countries to refrain from any declaration or action that is likely to jeopardize the negotiation process,” and urges Ethiopia to “refrain from continuing unilaterally to fill the reservoir of the Renaissance Dam.”
So far, the Security Council has not set a date for voting on the Tunisian draft resolution, knowing that diplomats have ruled out putting it to a vote during Thursday’s session today.

AlNahda dam

Updates on violence against women and immigration issues

In a follow-up to the incident of the death of the young man who was arrested in the region of Sidi Hssin Sijoumi, it is worth noting that the Public Prosecution Office in Tunis 2 district authorized the inclusion of 3 security agents in the search

On the other hand, the tragedy of working women continues in light of the failure to provide them with the least safety conditions and the state’s condoning of this. On Saturday morning, July 3, an accident occurred on “republic” Street in Regueb, which resulted in the fall of a number of workers in the agricultural sector on the side from the back box of a light truck they were traveling in.

Rape incidents were also repeated this week, and in an incident very similar to the previous Sousse incident, a woman in Bir al-Shebbak, one of the popular neighborhoods in Sousse, was raped in her home by a person whose identity is still unknown to the security units.

In a follow-up to the issue of illegal immigration and its dire consequences, it is reported that at least 43 people were missing and more than 80 others were rescued, after a boat carrying migrants sank Friday night off the southern Tunisian coast. The migrants, including Egyptians, Sudanese and Chadians, set off from the Libyan coast, according to testimonies collected by the Tunisian Red Crescent from survivors. On a daily basis, the Tunisian navy and coast guard forces intercept migrant boats trying to cross to Europe, while the United Nations has counted the deaths of at least 760 people in the Mediterranean between January 1 and May 31, 2021.

Bakeries and banks strike for this week  

The Regional Chamber of Bakery Owners in Sfax decided in a communiqué to stop working for 10 days, starting from July 17, 2021 in the entire governorate of Sfax, due to the severe shortage of subsidized flour, the failure to activate the decision issued on November 13, 2020, and the failure to pay the financial dues to bakery owners that made them unable to carry out their activities according to the same statement, which indicated that the decision was taken unanimously by those present at the chamber’s general meeting yesterday, Tuesday, June 29, 2021, against the background of the policy of marginalization, lack of listening and indifference to the concerns of the bakery sector.

Banks and financial institutions also witnessed a general strike on July 5 and 6, 2021. A number of international, regional and Arab trade union organizations expressed their solidarity and support for the national strike of employees and employees of the banking, financial and insurance sector in Tunisia, which was carried out , Monday, and will continue until , Tuesday, in defense of the dignity of the employees and their right to modify their purchasing power and in response to labor brokering.
In this context, Brother Hatem Al-Aweni, the regional coordinator of the International Federation of Networks UNI GLOBAL, affirmed his absolute support for the strike of banks and insurance, which was called by the General University of Banks and Financial Institutions on July 5 and 6.
And he indicated in a statement to “Al-Shaab News” that the International Federation supports this strike and the legitimate demands of workers in this vital sector, which did not stop working in light of the pandemic, and the workers contributed to achieving huge profits and made great sacrifices, highlighting that the negotiations stumbled against the intransigence of norms and employers and their denial to their commitments to improve purchasing power and to adopt equitable increases.

Facts revealed for the first time in the case of Akremi and Tayeb Rached and their relationship to the assassination of the two martyrs, Brahmi and Belaid

Following the start of the defense committee for the martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi to publish the general inspection report of the Ministry of Justice, Professor Anwar Al-Basti, a member of the defense committee for the two martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi confirmed today, Wednesday, June 30, 2021 that the report of the General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice related to the two judges proves he asserts in an unequivocal way that most of the abuses and crimes held by the defense team related to, for example, Amer Al-Belazi, the pistols with which the two martyrs were assassinated, or the Fiat Siana car “or fraud has become an established fact in this report.”
During a press conference organized by the commission on the inspection report, Al-Basti denounced the appearance of some judicial departments in the media to focus their interventions on the report, “…. the part related to Tayeb Rashid.. who said that he is a criminal and that this is not the subject of the press conference, accusing these judicial departments of covering up more than half of the cases.” The inspection report said that it is fighting corruption internally, stressing that the inspection came in the report on what it described as crimes that Akremi oversaw in thousands of files which he withheld and made sure that there are thousands of terrorists or suspected terrorists on the loose.
He highlighted that “thousands of files related to terrorism, deportation, and terrorist crimes, which the inspection stood on, were in the office of Bachir Akremi without taking any decision, considering that the result of all of this is the flotation and diversion of attention and the rescue of Al-Bashir Al-Akrimi by being satisfied with one of the two heads of the snake, Tayeb Rashid.”
He stressed that the report contained very serious and dangerous things, and that this made many political and judicial departments, led by the Chief of Government and the Acting Minister of Justice, trying to withdraw this report, and that the Supreme Judicial Council withheld the same report and prevented it from the members of the sectoral council and asked them to conduct a collective recitation in the office .

He stated that the Supreme Judicial Council pledged the report since February 2021 and that it is still stagnating, noting that the report contains more than 300 pages, stressing that at least half of these documents examine terrorist crimes, accusing some members of the Sectoral Council of reluctance in an attempt to remove Bashir Akremi and only accusing Tayeb Rashid who it called him the second criminal.

In the same context, lawyer Ridha Raddeoui, one of the members of the defense committee for the two martyrs, Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, considered on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 that the General Inspection report of the Ministry of Justice acknowledged that Bechir Akremi had committed breaches that require referral to the Disciplinary Council, considering that these breaches are for the defense body crimes that require criminal culpability.

In the same context, lawyer Ridha Raddeoui, one of the members of the defense committee for the two martyrs, Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, considered on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 that the General Inspection report of the Ministry of Justice acknowledged that Bechir Akremi had committed breaches that require referral to the Disciplinary Council, considering that these breaches are for the defense body crimes that require criminal culpability.

He also confirmed in a video published by the Defense Authority on its official Facebook page that Rashid Ghannouchi received on Wednesday a judge from among the activists in the union and association work and offered him a deal and instructed him to contact all parties in order to postpone the decision on the file of Bechir Akremi, which is what happened, as the Judicial Council announced this evening, The decision was postponed until July 12. He considered that whoever believes that the political wing of terrorist groups will abandon the judicial wing is delusional. The spokesman revealed that there were threats against members of the commission, indicating that these threats did not frighten them.

The Executive Office of the Association of Tunisian Judges had commented on these statements as “dangerous, false and misleading.” The office also denied that the association and its head were informed of the report of the General Inspection of the Ministry of Justice in relation to the work of the former Public Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance in Tunis, Bechir Akremi, and the judges’ inspection research and his work files. The association’s office denounced what it said was a “large amount of fallacies and slanders” by the defense team, which affected the Association of Tunisian Judges and all the accusations leveled at the association’s president.

In the same context, and in relation to the case of the assassination of the two martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, received, on Tuesday afternoon, June 29, 2021 at the Carthage Palace, the leader of the popular movement and the head of the Martyr Mohamed Brahmi Center for Peace and Solidarity.
The Presidency of the Republic stated in a statement that the meeting exposed a number of issues, including the situation in Tunisia since December 17, 2010, and possible solutions to get out of it. During the meeting, the Head of State presented a copy of the dialogue of the late President Habib Bourguiba, issued in the Labor newspaper on June 2, 1959. The Presidency of the Republic, that the purpose of memorizing and publishing the document is to remind the purposes of the constitution and there is absolutely no call for a return to the constitution of June 1, 1959.

It is worth noting that the Judicial Council had announced in a communiqué that it had decided to postpone the decision on the disciplinary file of Judge Bechir Akremi and to postpone it to a session on July 12, after holding a session regarding this file yesterday, Thursday. In a communiqué bearing her signature, the President of the Judicial Council attributed the reason for the postponement to a correspondence was addressed to the General Inspector, requesting for the data and corroboration on which his report was based in the light of the responses and defenses submitted by the concerned Bechir Akremi.

Iwatch and the National Anti-Corruption Authority continues to monitor the most important corruption suspicions

The “I Watch” organization continues to monitor and follow up on the violations committed by the judicial authority. Since February 18, the organization has filed an urgent case and a demand to stop the implementation of the Minister of Finance’s decision to grant judges a special grant, liquidate it from the tax and place it on the lessor and social funds. The Administrative Court refuses to consider this case, despite the statement of Mr. Imad Al-Ghabri, the official spokesman for the Administrative Court on February 22, 2021, in which he confirmed that “the first president of the court decides on the claims submitted to him within a deadline not exceeding one month by a reasoned decision and without prior oral pleading.”
In another context, Director General of the National Anti-Corruption Authority Walid Fihri considered in a statement on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 that the authority is not actually independent, during his presence at the Forum on Governance of Disposition in the Public Sector: An Introduction to Preventing Corruption from the Organization of the Court of Accounts. He affirmed that there is a terrible political intrusion in its work, especially through the dismissal of two of its chiefs in less than a year without knowing the reasons, in addition to the limited financial resources. Al-Fihri also criticized the absence of coordination mechanisms between the public structures concerned with fighting corruption to achieve the required efficiency.

The epidemiological situation is out of control and talks about the collapse of the health system

The health situation continues to deteriorate day by day, turning into catastrophic, as the Ministry of Health recorded record numbers this week, reaching the limits of 5921 injuries on July 1, and 7932 on July 6, 2021. The situation is also getting worse in many regions and states, where many states have added to the list of the most widespread It has become one of the red areas, including the governorate of Nabeul, whose occupancy rate of recovery beds in Nabeul reached 100 percent, Tunisia, Manouba, Zaghouan, Beja, El Kef, Siliana, Kairouan, Sousse and Monastir. But the citizens insist on not respecting these procedures and the consistency and overcrowding in all places, especially on beaches such as Al-Marsa Beach, which witnessed unprecedented overcrowding during the weekend..

The spread of new strains also intensifies and deepens fears, as analyzes have proven that 40 percent of the analyzes conducted by the Ministry of Health are delta infections.

Faced with the deterioration of these conditions, the Physicians Association called for the adoption of a comprehensive quarantine and the declaration of a state of health emergency. The Commission also stressed the great importance of vaccination and the need to speed up its pace.

Also, in the context of addressing this pandemic, the Presidency of the Republic announced that the United States of America will, in the near future, grant our country a donation of 500,000 doses of vaccination.

On Saturday, July 03, 2021, the Minister of Health, Fawzi Mahdi, went to see the arrival of a shipment of medical equipment, represented in particular in significant quantities of rapid tests and PCR test devices to investigate the Coronavirus, in the form of a donation with the support of Germany and the Republic of Korea to enhance efforts Tunisia in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the transfer of these medical equipment has been secured by the World Food Program, within the framework of supporting the efforts of African countries in combating this pandemic, in coordination with the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Representatives headed by Aqeela and in the presence of Dabaiba listen to the government’s briefing on its work from the day it received its duties, and await the final report of the General Budget Planning Committee to decide on the draft general budget law

The House of Representatives continued its consultations on the draft state budget law for the year 2021, where the meeting of the Planning Committee, the General Budget and Finance of the House of Representatives and the ministerial committee formed by the Prime Minister was held to amend the draft budget law in accordance with the observations of the House of Representatives, according to the official spokesman for the House of Representatives, Abdullah Blihaq. It was decided to emphasize the Planning and General Budget and Finance Committee of the Council to submit its final report on the draft state budget law for the year 2021, to decide on the draft budget law at its next session and to discuss the draft law for directly electing the president by the people and distributing electoral districts across the country.

Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh

 Under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Aquila Saleh, and in the presence of the first and second deputy speaker of Parliament, as well as the presence of the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government and a number of ministers and deputy ministers, the Parliament resumed its talks on the budget law, and according to Parliament Spokesman Abdullah Blihaq, the session during which the hearing was held to a briefing from the Libyan government on a number of files, specifically what has been accomplished by the government since it was granted confidence until the day of the session, and during the session a number of files were discussed, most notably the health file, confronting the Corona epidemic and the electricity file, as well as the most important entitlement, which is the file of support for the High Electoral Commission to conduct the elections On time, on December 24, a number of service files and all that the government has done during the last period, according to the work program that it submitted.

A Libyan political bloc to stop the obstructionists, and the US special envoy describes their proposals as poisonous pills

In the context of the political conflict that began to emerge as a result of sharp differences within the Libyan Dialogue Committee, 12 Libyan political blocs and currents demanded the urgent publication of the results of the investigation of the United Nations Sanctions Committee, especially with regard to the arrival of the current Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba to power, and the claimants stressed the necessity of a comprehensive investigation was opened to consider the methods used by the electoral obstructionists in sabotaging the sessions of the Political Dialogue Forum in Geneva. The political blocs and parties issued a statement regarding the outcome of the Political Dialogue Forum, saying, that they “followed with reflection as all Libyans followed the course of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.” which was held in Geneva over a period of 4 days from June 28 to July 1, which resulted in a catastrophic failure due to the mismanagement of this dialogue by the UN mission, and that the failure occurred because of the opportunity and opening the way for some obstructionists to hold the elections on schedule. , in complete disregard for the road map, which was agreed upon, adopted by the Security Council and welcomed by the Libyans.” The upcoming elections, and new proposals calling for postponing the elections, or renouncing the possibility of holding them simultaneously, direct and legislative elections. The blocs and political parties stressed the need to support the national forces and the United Nations by taking the proposed urgent measures, on top of which is preventing any other attempt to obstruct the holding of direct presidential and parliamentary elections. It is due on the 24th of December.

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The UN mission announces the failure of the dialogue forum to reach the constitutional rule for holding the elections and calls for another session soon

The United Nations Mission in Libya announced the failure of the Libyan Dialogue Forum to reach consensus on a constitutional basis for holding the upcoming elections in the country on schedule, and the Assistant Secretary-General and Coordinator of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Rizdon Zeninga, said that the differences caused division among the forum’s members, and distorted their focus on the existing issues. He explained that the failure to reach an agreement does not mean that the forum has failed, appealing to the members of the forum to put the interests of Libya in the first place, stressing that the UN mission will continue to work with the members of the forum and the Consensus Committee, to hold another meeting of the political dialogue soon in Libya soon.
The General Command of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, led by Khalifa Haftar, strongly rejects the proposals to postpone the elections, and demands the Government of National Unity and the UN Mission to carry out the tasks entrusted to them
The Libyan army affirmed its support for all efforts made to establish peace in Libya and restore stability. The General Command of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, in a statement, stated that the army supports all efforts made to establish peace in Libya and restore stability to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people, and that it is indeed the right of the Libyan people to enjoy a secure life and the return of the long-awaited democratic path, especially with the approach of the elections on December 24, 2021, in accordance with Security Council Resolution No. 2570 of 2021, which stipulated that “the Interim Government of National Unity shall carry out the necessary preparations for holding presidential and parliamentary elections.” A free, fair and comprehensive patriotism, as set out in the road map emanating from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, and the General Command of the Libyan Army stressed its full support for holding the elections on time, noting that the Libyan people do not accept postponement, delay or change in the date of the elections by any means. It called on the United Nations mission to take all measures and assume its responsibility to hold the elections on the agreed date, and the Libyan army indicated that it supports the efforts of the United Nations mission to restore stability in the country through the success of political dialogue work to reach the formulation of a consensual constitutional base that allows everyone to enter the electoral race without preconditions, and for the Libyan people to rule to the ballot box and their will to choose who leads Libya to safety, stability and lasting peace.

He pointed out that the current political dialogue is a historic opportunity before us all, which must be exploited in a way that brings our country out of its complex and intertwined crisis internally and externally, and how to come up with a constitutional draft that should see the light and enlight the way with the aim of securing a stable and secure life that Libyans deserve, and urged the countries involved in the Berlin Conference. he stressed the need to make all efforts to ensure the immediate departure of foreign regular forces, as well as all mercenaries from Libya under the supervision of the United Nations mission, and commended the efforts of the 5 + 5 Military Committee to implement the results of the first Berlin Conference, stressing the need to support and facilitate its tasks in a manner that leads to the implementation of security arrangements, the disarmament of irregular and outlaw groups, and other important steps that this Committee is working with firm steps to implement in accordance with Security Council resolutions and the results of the Berlin Conference.

Prosecutors in Sicily decide to investigate Libyan officials on charges of trying to sink a ship and irregular migrants die on the Libyan and Tunisian coasts

The British newspaper “The Guardian” said that prosecutors in Sicily have launched an investigation against the Libyan coast guard after footage emerged showing officials shooting at the boat of migrant families in the Mediterranean, and this came after the publication of Sea-Watch (a German non-governmental organization) aerial photographs showing this is the first time that a European country has opened an investigation against the Libyan Coast Guard, who faced numerous accusations of alleged complicity with human smugglers and mistreatment of asylum seekers, and after receiving a complaint from the Libyan Coast Guard. “C-Watch”, prosecutors in Agrigento decided to investigate Libyan officials for “attempting to sink a ship”, and they will consider whether the accident endangered the lives of the migrants, but the Italian newspaper “Avenir” quoted the public prosecutor in Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, to say that further investigation requires permission from the Italian Ministry of Justice, given that the subject of the case is a foreign authority, and the European Union intends to ask the authorities in Tripoli to provide an explanation regarding the shooting at a boat carrying migrants by the Libyan coast guard, according to what was announced by the spokesman for the representative of security and foreign policy in the European Union, Peter Stano.
In the same context, the Tunisian Red Cross confirmed that dozens of migrants drowned as a result of a boat capsize accident off the coast of the country, and the Red Crescent stated that the accident claimed the lives of at least 43 migrants, noting that 84 others were rescued off the coast of Zarzis port, and according to the Red Crescent data, the doomed boat was headed to Italy from the Libyan city of Zuwara, and was carrying migrants from Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea and Bangladesh, and that the boat capsized after its engine failed.

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With regard to the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya :
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Confirmed cases
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The number of deaths
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Confirmed cases
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The number of deaths
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Confirmed cases
recovery cases
The number of deaths
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