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Sisi announces the abolition of the state of emergency and the arrest of the director of the Minister of Health’s office in a bribery case

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi announced the cancellation of the extension of the state of emergency throughout the country, and he said through his Facebook account, “I am happy that we share together that moment that we have always sought with struggle and hard work. Thanks to its great people and loyal men, Egypt has become an oasis of security and stability in the region. Here, I have decided, for the first time in years, to cancel the extension of the state of emergency throughout the country, this decision that the Egyptian people have been the real maker over the past years, with their sincere and honest participation in all development and construction efforts, and when I announce this decision, I remember with fondness and appreciation our heroic martyrs, without whom we would not have reached security and stability, and together we move steadily towards building the new republic with the help and support of God.”

The Administrative Control arrested the director of the Office of the Minister of Health and Population and others on charges of bribery. The minister was surprised by a major bribery case that the Administrative Control has been pursuing for about a month, and the offices of the accused who were referred for investigation were searched. It is worth noting that the Minister suffered a sudden heart attack, and was transferred to the Nile Valley Hospital, as she underwent a catheterization operation, the medical team treating Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, inside the Nile Valley Hospital, decided to permanently prevent the minister from visiting, and her son was excluded from this ban so that he could follow her closely to check on her and then reassure all family members.

The House of Representatives approves laws and agreements and demands the re-appointment of 36,000 teachers

The House of Representatives held several sessions during the past week that lasted 3 days, during which it discussed a number of issues and laws, and finally approved the draft law on the rights of persons with disabilities to toughen the punishment for bullying against them, and also approved a draft law on extending the prescribed period to invite the convening of general assemblies of sports bodies to support And to maximize its role, and approved a draft law submitted by the government regarding permission to the Minister of Finance to guarantee the holding company for EgyptAir to protect and support this vital facility to remain steadfast in the face of the impact of the Corona pandemic on the air transport sector, and also approved (10) international agreements that contribute to financing development projects and support the national economy to improve the services provided to citizens, and authorize the Council’s office to set a date to discuss requests for a general discussion on the government’s policy regarding raising the price of supplying tons of sugar cane, and legalizing the tuktuk vehicle to achieve safety and security for citizens, and the Council finishes discussing the articles of a draft law submitted by the government amending some provisions of the law regulating the participation of the private sector in infrastructure projects, services and public utilities, while postponing the discussion of Article (17) upon a request government to reformulate it.

A number of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate stressed the need to reappoint 36,000 teachers, whose contracts had previously been terminated, to fill the current deficit in a large number of schools.

Activists between the rejection of their judicial appeals, the renewal of imprisonment and the issuance of a judicial decision by the President of the Court of Appeal that there is no reason to file a criminal case in the case of civil society organizations

The Administrative Court of the State Council rejected the case demanding the transfer of the former parliamentarian and lawyer Ziad El-Elaimy, who is imprisoned in Tora prison, to an external hospital at the expense of his family to perform the necessary x-rays and examinations for him and to provide the necessary treatment. The case N°27094 is against the general prosecutor, the Minister of Interior, the Assistant Minister of Interior for the Prisons Sector, and the warden of Tora Liman Prison in the Tora prisons area. The lawsuit stated that the family of Al-Elaimy, who is being held in pre-trial detention in Liman Tora Prison, pending case No. 930 of 2019 Supreme State Security Restriction, noticed during his visit the deterioration of his condition as the healthcare system is not high-achieving due to the lack of necessary and appropriate medical care for his condition. Subsequently, the family submitted two communications to the Attorney General and the Assistant General of the Interior for the Prisons Sector. The first announcement No. 9516 of 2019 was submitted to the Attorney General’s petitions, and the second announcement came under No. 464/8, in which they demanded that necessary measures be taken regarding the health status of Al-Elaimy.

The Supreme Administrative Court also ruled, by rejecting the appeal submitted by Malak Al-Kashef, against the administrative judiciary ruling issued in May 2020 rejecting her claim against the Minister of Interior, for his failure to allocate places of detention for transgender people inside prisons and police stations. After rejecting the case in May 2020, due to lack of interest, Al-Kashef filed an appeal in July 2020, and was forced to attend all sessions accompanied by lawyers, due to the refusal of the real estate registry to complete the procuration of attorney papers from her to her lawyer, due to the gender in the card, which is still in its initial state. Malak Al-Kashef has previously been held in solitary imprisonment for several months for accusations of publishing and broadcasting news and false statements, misuse of a means of social media, and the participation of a terrorist group with knowledge of its purposes and its promotion, before the State Security Prosecution released it pending case No. 1739 of 2018.

The Emergency State Security Misdemeanours Court of the 2nd  Nasr sat November 29 as the date for the verdict in Case No. 558 of 2021 emergency State Security Misdemeanour, in which the accused, former spokesman of the Civil Democratic Movement, Yahya Hussein Abdel Hadi, is facing numerous charges: Broadcasting and publishing false news and rumours that would disturb public peace and undermine the prestige of the state, its economic reputation and its international reputation, after postponing the first session on October 18, for deliberations and pleading. Abdel-Hadi gave the speech before the court about his upbringing, the positions he held in state institutions, and his fight against corruption and exploitation, mentioning the issue of privatization of Omar Effendi, and that he is being held accountable today for all his previous actions, and that he will continue his career after leaving his prison and defending the truth and revolution of January. All those who were in court testified to the will he told his family is that he be buried in prison clothes.

Cairo Criminal Court renewed the detention of human rights lawyer Amr Imam and journalist Ahmed Shaker and others in Case No. 488 of 2019 Supreme State Security, as well as publisher Ismail El Kemary and others in Case No. 810 of 2019 Supreme State Security. The Third Circuit decided to renew the detention of 172 A citizen in a number of cases, and the Third Circuit of Terrorism in the Cairo Criminal Court renewed the detention of 295 citizens in a number of other cases.

Counselor Ali Mokhtar Al-Rais at the Cairo Court of Appeal, the investigative judge delegated to investigate the facts included in the report of the fact-finding committee in Case No. 173 of 2011 known in the media as the case of foreign funding for a number of civil society organizations, entities and associations, issued an order that there is no reason to file a criminal case for insufficient evidence in relation to the The Ibn Khaldun Centre for Development Studies, the Centre for Development Support and Institutional Rehabilitation, the Peace Centre for Human Development, and Nazra Association for Feminist Studies. The investigative judge revealed that the decision was issued after the investigations were completed and the evidence presented and the presumptions that might indicate the accusation were proven, and the balance between them and the evidence of the denial, given the lack of complete certainty of the proof of the accusation and then submitting the papers to the criminal trial, which is what the report stated as there is no point behind filing a criminal case. The decision included raising the names of those included in the decision from the lists of those who are prohibited from traveling, anticipation of arrival, and lists of prevention from disposing of their money, whether liquid or movable, with regard to the facts included in the decision only without prejudice to any other facts that may be the subject of investigation whether in the present case or concerning other issues.

Pharmacist Isis Mustafa and Dr. Ayman Nada oppressors or wronged!

The Supreme State Security Prosecution investigated the pharmacist, Isis Mustafa Mohamed Ahmed, on charges of joining a terrorist group and spreading false news, and the prosecution decided to imprison her pending case No. 2214-2021. Isis is a pharmacist working in Al-Sharkia which said that she was a victim of violence and harassment by some employees of the health unit in which she works, due to her not wearing the hijab. The pharmacist Isis documented in a video clip the moment of the assault, and an official report was issued regarding the incident at the Zagazig police station. Despite her being a victim, she was arrested On October 16, the judge decided to imprison her for 15 days pending investigations, and the social networking site Facebook circulated a video clip of the pharmacist, in which she said that the village health unit employees constantly bully her because she is not veiled and cares about animals and feeds the village dogs with food, describing her as “the girl with the dogs,”. In the video she broadcast, she called on the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sharkia Governorate to intervene and investigate the incident.

Pharmacist Isis Mustafa

The Public Prosecution referred Dr. Ayman Mansour Nada, Professor of Media at Cairo University, to trial before the criminal court for accusing him of insulting and defamation on case No. 9840 for the year 2021 registered to No. 8 for the year 2021, limiting the investigation of the Cairo Appeals Prosecution, and stated in the referral decision issued by the Public Prosecution, After reviewing the papers and the investigations that took place in them. The Public Prosecution accused Ayman Mansour Ahmed Nada, 49 years old, resident of Al-Ahram Gardens, the pyramid in Giza on his personal account on the social networking site Facebook, false news is that the dishonoured Egyptian media is fabricating events in the narrow space of freedom, silencing the mouths of opponents in contrast to the truth, and the dissemination of this false news would disturb public peace and harm the public interest, as indicated in the investigations.

The return of the “Sayyed” company for the development of chemical industries to work after ending the problems of workers

The work of the Chemical Industries Development Company “Sayyed”, after the decision of the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals affiliated to the Ministry of Public Business Sector, to re-work the company as of Sunday, October 24. The Ministry of Business Sector said in a statement, that the decision comes in light of what was agreed upon during a meeting which was held at the headquarters of the Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals at the request of the General Syndicate of Chemicals. The Holding Company and the “Sayyed” company thanked the initiative of the General Syndicate and the representatives of the workers to re-work the company as of 11/10/2021  and the Board of Directors of the Sayyed Pharmaceutical Company had decided to freeze the work of the company as of 10/11/2021 until notice Another, after the workers abstained from work and gathered in front of the administration headquarters in protest against the company’s general assembly’s decision regarding the percentage of profits paid to them for the fiscal year 2020-2021, noting that the general assemblies have decided to disburse the maximum profit share of employees, estimated at 12%, in accordance with the Public Business Sector Law and its amendments.

Epidemiological situation

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate published the details of the medical responsibility bill, which it re-presented to the Health Committee of the House of Representatives last Wednesday. The Medical Syndicate confirmed that the draft law submitted by it is the product of several previous years’ preparation, during which the draft of this bill was discussed by experts in the medical, legal and human rights professions, in addition to workshops in a discussion with many former and current members of the House of Representatives.

The Medical Syndicate clarified, in a statement, that the last draft of the aforementioned medical liability bill had corrected the observations of the Legislative Sector at the Ministry of Justice on three draft medical liability law that had been submitted by three deputies in the previous parliamentary session, these are the observations that the Ministry of Justice informed Parliament in January 2018. The Syndicate noted that the draft law presented by it represents an urgent necessity for the regular provision of health service and controls the mechanisms of interaction between the service provider and its recipient in the event of medical damage and includes the most important provisions of the presented medical liability bill From the Physicians Syndicate to establish a body to determine liability for medical damage, which is independent of the executive authorities and is considered an advisory body affiliated with the representative. This body includes representatives of patients, the Forensic Medicine Authority, the Judicial Council, the Medical Syndicate, the Ministry of Health and university hospitals.

According to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate page, doctors who have died in the fight against the Coronaviru
0 martyr

The Ministry of Health announced that the total number that was registered in Egypt with the Corona virus is 32,207, including 32,558, including 274,762 cases that have been cured, and 18,333 deaths.


law newsletter

Seifeddin Makhlouf’s Defence Committee: 100 lawyers refuse to try civilians before the military court

This morning, Thursday, October 21, 2021, the defence team of the lawyer Seifeddin Makhlouf held a news meeting at the lawyer’s house, followed by a protest in the lobby of the Court of First Instance in the capital.

The head of the defence attorney, Anwar Ouled Ali, confirmed in a statement to Mosaique that the lawyers refuse to try civilians before the military court, considering that the trial that Makhlouf is subjected to is a violation of the lawyer’s immunity and the decree regulating the legal profession, because Makhlouf’s arrest was made, as he put it, during the exercise of his profession in defence of MP Rached Khiari, not Representative Nidhal Saoudi as was publicized.

He also pointed out that this case has nothing to do with the airport case, noting that Makhlouf, who had volunteered to defend him by more than 100 lawyers from various parts of the republic, has been on hunger strike for a week and his health is deteriorating.

The Health Passport: The Labor Union: “The decisions of the authority turn workers into herds and robots.”

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia, a presidential decree was issued regarding the vaccination passport for the Covid-19 virus, whereby the passport is assigned to every Tunisian or resident in Tunisia aged 18 years and over, and whose vaccination scheme against the virus has been completed.

The passport can also be assigned to people who have not reached the age of 18 and have completed vaccination, in addition to foreigners arriving in Tunisia and Tunisians holding passports or vaccination certificates delivered in foreign countries.

It is necessary to invoke the permissibility of vaccination to enter the interests and headquarters of the state, local groups, bodies, establishments and public institutions, in addition to entering educational and university institutions, vocational training institutions, incubators, kindergartens, brochures of the public and private sectors, and social welfare centres.

It is also necessary to invoke the passport inside public and private health structures to accompany patients or for the purpose of visiting, and inside prisons, correctional centres for delinquent children, and detention centres for the purpose of visiting.

Failure to invoke the permissibility of vaccination entails suspending the commencement of work with regard to state agents, local groups, bodies, establishments and public institutions, and suspending the employment contract for private sector wages until the issuance of the permit, and the period of suspension from the commencement of work or the employment contract is not fully paid.

In this context, Sami Tahri, Assistant Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, commented on this decree in a post he posted on his Facebook account, saying, “Chapter 6 of Decree 1 of 2021 on vaccination or losing a job place turns us into robots and herds of factory machines that we must grease them in order to continue.” The service is nothing but the threat to cut off one’s livelihood due to vaccination, we did not see it when we refrained from paying wages or evaded our tax and social duty.”

Sami Tahiri, Assistant Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union

Meanwhile, the head of the Tunisian League for the Defence of Human Rights, Jamel Msallm, said in a statement to Mosaique on Monday, October 25, 2021, that Chapter VI of Decree No. 1 of 2021 dated October 22, 2021 regarding the permissibility of vaccination for the “SARS Cov-2” virus represents a threat to the livelihood of citizens, stressing that a person is free to consent to the introduction of any foreign substance into his body or not.

Muslim also considered that this decree has an aspect concerned with the public health security of society, indicating that the Tunisian League for Human Rights supports urging citizens to receive vaccinations as the only solution to achieve collective immunity and prevent the spread of the Corona virus infection.

Muslim highlighted that introducing a vaccination permit and approving the use of it in a number of public and educational institutions, restaurants, cafes, tourist and entertainment units, exhibitions, demonstrations and places of worship, two months after the decree was issued on October 22, is a good thing to provide an opportunity for non-vaccinators and those who refuse to change their position and receive the appropriate vaccine against the Coronavirus.

Jamal Muslim, president of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights

I WATCH: justice in the eyes of the state, a low quality “facility”

Today, Friday, October 22, 2021, I Watch called on President Kais Saied and Prime Minister Najla Bouden to consult on the nomination of Moncef Kchaw to head the Court of Law and issue a decree to name him as soon as possible.

Hear the testimony of the woman who caused the airport accident

Yesterday, the first investigative judge at the Permanent Military Court of Tunis heard the statements of the woman who was the cause of the storming of Tunis-Carthage International Airport, on a consultancy basis.

 detaining Samir Bettaieb and a number of officials at the Ministry of Agriculture

The Public Prosecution Office of the Financial Judicial Pole, on Monday night, authorized members of a specialized squad of the National Guard to retain former Minister of Agriculture Samir Bettaieb, on suspicion of involvement in corruption files. It also authorized the detention of seven other officials of the Ministry of Agriculture

In a communiqué issued by the Liaison Office of the Court of First Instance in Tunis, issued on Tuesday morning, the Public Prosecution Office of the Economic and Financial Pole pledged to suspect the commission of crimes in violation of the legislative and regulatory provisions guaranteeing freedom of participation, equal opportunities in public transactions and money laundering, against the background of a request for bids related to media equipment for the benefit of the Ministry of Agriculture, with a value exceeding eight hundred thousand dinars.

The report added that the first central division of the National Guard in Aouina was entrusted with the research, and that research was still underway regarding the rest of those covered by the research.

Samir Beltayeb

Continuing to abuse the frozen representatives

Parliament member whose work has been frozen, Mostafa ben Ahmed, confirmed that the administration of Habib Thameur Hospital informed him that the sickness insurance treatment card was not valid, and demanded that he pay all expenses, against the background of the suspension of the work of the Assembly of People’s Representatives.

Ben Ahmed denounced this measure, considering that it harms the gains of the national state and the struggles of trade unionists. It is considered an infringement of his rights, especially since his social contribution exceeded 42 years in return for his work at the National Tobacco Agency and 6 years in the Assembly of People’s Representatives.

Mustafa bin Ahmed

After 6 months of vacancy: Nomination of the first president of the Court of Cassation

By presidential decree No. 155 of 2021 dated October 22, 2021, Moncef Kchaw was named as the first president of the Court of Cassation, according to the official gazette of the Republic of Tunisia issued today, Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

political newsletter

Taboubi: We will not give a blank check to kais Saied.

The Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union, Noureddine Taboubi, confirmed during a speech at the opening of the regular conference of the regional labor union in Ben Arous that there are no personal differences between him and the President of the Republic, Kais Saied.

He said that the organization’s grievances revolve around a number of differences related to the clarity of the vision of the presidency and its programs in the country. He added that there is no room for foreign interference and national sovereignty is a red line, and that the solution can only be Tunisian – Tunisian, as he put it. He also renewed his refusal to give Saied a blank check, considering that this is a path to the unknown. In particular, al-Taboubi stipulated that the contents and options be clear, so that the working organization could determine its position on support.

Samia Abbou, President of the National Council of the Democratic Current

On Saturday evening, October 23, 2021, the Democratic Current Party announced the election of Samia Abbou as head of the party’s National Council.

“The Lobbying Case”… An investigative judge is located at the headquarters of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement

On Monday, a Tunisian investigative judge moved to the central headquarters of the Ennahdha movement in the capital, as part of the investigations that the judiciary is conducting in what has become known in the media as the “lobbying” case.

In a related context, the Tunisian News Agency reported that the loffice of the Court of First Instance in Tunis stated that “the investigative judge at the economic and financial judicial pole shifted on Monday to the headquarters of the Ennahdha party located in Montpellier in the capital,” adding that “he took custody of the server” of the movement to transfer its content and conduct the necessary technical tests.

The movement said in a brief statement on Monday, “Within the framework of the investigation into the so-called “lobbying” case brought by Mohamed Abbou (former minister) against the Ennahdha movement, today the investigative judge is transferred to the movement’s headquarters in Montpellier to continue his work,” stressing her respect for “the law in all its activities.”


The Conference to Support the Stability of Libya stresses the need to hold elections on their date in December 2021

The participants in the Conference to Support the Stability of Libya announced their categorical rejection of external interference in the internal affairs and their commitment to Libya’s sovereignty and independence, and support for the Libyan National Unity Government. During the press conference after the end of the conference, the Libyan Foreign Minister said that the final statement renewed the government’s commitment to implementing Security Council resolutions, the results of the Berlin Conferences 1 and 2 and the road map, and called on all countries to reopen their embassies in Tripoli.

In a related context, and through a joint statement, the embassies of the United States, France, Germany, Britain and Italy called on the Libyan parties to respect the electoral process, accept the results that will come out in the elections, and that people and parties that will obstruct the political process and threaten the security of Libya, are subject to the sanctions of the travel ban and asset freeze, and their rejection Foreign interference in Libya that causes destabilization through mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces, and commended the work and commitment of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee, by presenting a comprehensive action plan for the withdrawal of mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces from Libya.

The Electoral Commission announces the dates of the stages and procedures for the elections and is awaiting amendments to the House of Representatives

The Electoral Commission in Libya announced the opening of the door for candidacy for the presidential and parliamentary elections in the first half of November, while the head of the High National Elections Commission confirmed during a press conference, held today, Sunday in Tripoli, that opening the door for candidacy for the presidential elections will be available once the logistical preparations are completed, and that there will be 3 branches in the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha, to receive applications for candidacy for the presidential elections, and that the commission will publish the lists of registered voters according to regions immediately, to allow an opportunity for any possible challenge to them, stressing that the commission will work to conduct fair and transparent elections, and that the presidential elections will be held first on December 24 , then the parliamentary elections will follow after 30 days; that is, on January 23, 2022, and that the Electoral Commission is waiting for the Supreme Judicial Council to issue the executive regulations regarding appeal committees this week, and that there will be simultaneous submission of applications for candidacy to the House of Representatives and the presidential elections. Also, the High Electoral Commission will announce the results of the presidential and legislative elections simultaneously, and that any party wishing to file a complaint against these elections must resort to the judiciary, which will be the judge in these matters, and that the commission is still waiting for the technical amendments of the House of Representatives to the parliamentary and presidential elections laws. For the elections, after the recent amendments requested by it.

Violent clashes between armed militias in the city of Al-Zawiya

The city of Al-Zawiya in the Libyan west witnessed, on Monday evening, violent clashes between militias stationed in the city with heavy and medium weapons, which occurred between the militias of the so-called “Zaqrlo” and “Al-Far” in the city, and the firing of random and intense shots inside residential neighbourhoods, and a large spread of armed cars on the coastal road and celebrating the situation in the city, the militias control the city of Al-Zawiya, led by the extremist Shaaban Hadiya, nicknamed “Abu Obeida Al-Zawi,” affiliated with the Libyan Fighting Group, the al-Qaeda branch in Libya, and the terrorist Muhammad Bahrun, nicknamed “The Mouse,” who heads the security support militia in Al-Zawiya, and he is a fuel smuggler with his companions. The smuggler, Muhammad Kashlaf, nicknamed “Al-Qasab”, is the commander of the Al-Nasr Brigade, which controls the Zawia refinery. From time to time, clashes erupt in the areas of Al-Mayah and Al-Mamoura and the vicinity of the coastal road west of the city of Tripoli between the militias of the Criminal Investigation Department, Al-Zawiya branch, which is controlled by the terrorist nicknamed “The Mouser” and the 55 militia, using heavy and medium weapons and firing bullets. fireworks randomly and dense inside residential neighborhoods and those militias stationed near the coastal road, which was opened by the Committee The joint military organization at the end of last July, and many human rights organizations expressed their condemnation of these clashes, which caused intimidation of the population and endangered their lives and safety, especially with the presence of civilians trapped in the areas of armed clashes, and expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the state of weakness of the security system in the areas of the western coast in the west of the country and its surroundings and its impact on deepening the humanitarian and security crisis in the country.

The executioner of Al-Zawiya is in the crosshairs of international sanctions and a goal for the national unity government and the return of the disappeared Egyptians to Cairo

The Security Council imposed sanctions on Osama Al-Kawni Ibrahim, director of the so-called “Al-Nasr Centre” in Libya for the detention and torture of migrants in the city of Al-Zawiya. He is accused of participating directly or indirectly in acts that violate international human rights law, human smuggling and acts of violence against migrants in Libya. In their report, the experts pointed out that they concluded that the actual director of Al-Nasr Centre, Osama Al-Koni Ibrahim, committed several violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and that the victims of the detention center revealed kidnappings for ransom, acts of torture, sexual violence, forced labour and murder. The centre is still operating despite the issuance of several official statements calling for its closure. The mission described, on its account on the social networking site “Twitter”, the global “people smuggler who exploited, abused and committed acts of violence against vulnerable immigrants in Libya and that the decision is a “strong and unified message from the international society stating that these acts are not to be conceded with”.

Also, the American foreign affairs minister imposed announced the imposition of sanctions on the director of the Al-Nasr Detention Centre in Al-Zawiya, Osama Al-Koni Ibrahim, for his involvement in serious human rights violations against migrants detained in Libya. The statement affirmed that the US decided on executing decision N°13726 against Al-Koni for committing serious human rights violations against migrants and that the decision taken by the Minister of Foreign Affairs supports the principle of accountability and highlights abuse, exploitation and violence against migrants at risk while transiting through Libya in pursuit of a better life. The US State Department called on the government of national unity to hold Osama al-Koni and others involved in committing human rights violations. The security council imposed sanctions on Al Koni for participating indirectly  or directly in acts violating international humanitarian law and human trafficking as well as violence against migrants in Libya.

"Torture of migrants" in Libya... International sanctions against "Jallad al-Zawiya"

An informed Egyptian source confirmed that the Egyptians who disappeared in Libya more than two weeks ago were found by the Libyan Anti-Irregular Migration Authority, and that he contacted the head of the irregular migration agency and they were released, noting that 18 people entered Libya illegally, and that they arrived in Cairo and that all of them are Christians and from Sohag.

Epidemiological situation

The National Centre for Disease Control announced the registration of 651 cases of the emerging coronavirus, 1291 cases of recovery and 5 deaths. The number of Corona infections in Libya since the emergence of the epidemic in the country has risen to 354,866 cases, including 59,049 active cases, while 290,784 have recovered and 5033 died.

Regarding the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya

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