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Report of arrest and detention incidents on the basis of political background During 2020

Report of arrest and detention incidents on the basis of political background During 2020

This report covers a period of six months from January to June 2020. The monitoring methodology is based on counting the arrests on political grounds in Egypt which are multiple and recurrent cases under the current repressive political regime. The regime tends to obscure information concerning the incidents of arrest, but the activists of the Egyptian civil society are dedicated to ensuring the right of the Egyptian citizen and the international community in accessing such sensitive and important  information as per the rights of detainees and preventing violations as much as possible.

It can be said that the violations of human rights in Egypt are an orchestrated policy of  security and judicial institutions. The regime’s media also supports that policy with fallacies and rumors trying to cover up the violations and deny their existence.


It should be noted that the numbers mentioned in the report do not represent the total number of detainees during a certain period of time against the background of the same facts, but are   considered as instantaneous rather than continuous events.  Given that the incidents of arrest of persons issued in absentia sentences are not included since  it is of a very wide range, and not enough data is available. The report also did not include any cases related to the North Sinai Governorate, except for those who were brought before the High State Security Prosecution (HSSP) Taking into account the repetition of the names of the accused or arrested more than once. It should be noted that the numbers of the counting were based on facts quoted from specific sources, in the following order of priority: (Official sources / human rights sources / media sources / family sources)

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