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The first Quarterly Report from October to December 2020 – Libya

This post is also available in: Arabic

There are several paths in Libya that are linked together. However, the political path which is linked to local and foreign balances, affects all paths. This is the reason for holding a meeting that is followed by another meeting under the absence of confidence and fear from returning to the first square of violence. This is an actual fact with the reality of continuing military mobilizations at the lines of contact in Jufra and Sirte on the outskirts of Oil Crescent. Although the military pass moved among Geneva, Gadamis and Sirte in order to save the fragile ceasefire agreement, it isn’t able to bypass the reality of balances in the East, the West and also in both of them. This happens because the armed groups and politicians who are associated with them insist on what is present, fearing from balances that might come against their interests. On the other hand, the economic path ended with detente, however it remains limited in light of the danger of the informal economy. It is noteworthy that the informal economy is considered the main source of funding weapon in Libya and an inevitable solution for most Libyans.

This post is also available in: Arabic

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