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The Parliament continues to approve the laws submitted by the executive power and the Human Rights Committee is working to cover up the real situation of the human rights situation in Egypt

The Parliament continues to approve the proposals and wishes of the executive authority in an automated manner, without caring about his actual role regarding the establishment of legislation that guarantees the basic rights contained in the constitution and expresses the trends and desires of the people who elected it, and it clearly functions as an elected or appointed council by the executive authority or more precisely, by the security services of the executive authority, and the matter reached the point where the Speaker of the Parliament reprimanded the deputies for their lack of commitment during the discussion of a proposal submitted by the government to amend some provisions of the Value Added Law, and that it comes in accordance with the directives of President Abdel-Sisi, and the need for members of the Assembly not to disturb the government during the plenary session, asking everyone to take a seat, as for the Human Rights Committee of the Council, it identified with the general performance of the Council, and instead of working to improve the human rights situation, it went to appease the executive power and its security services and discussed cooperation between them and the Supreme Council for Media with the aim of responding to what it called false allegations and reports about the state of human rights.

The executive power continues its work without pressure and tends to lift subsidies on bread and the state’s ownership of new agricultural areas and positive amendments to the Child Law

The executive power in Egypt continues its work without any pressure on its work after ensuring a truce by the rest of the state authorities and its security services, in fact after the government has raised fuel prices thrice during the current year, it is actually going to end subsidies on bread and is only waiting for the right time to announce that, the government also approved the amendment of some provisions of the Agricultural Reclamation Law to give the state the right to take some areas of the seized lands to implement projects of public interest, the government also approved ,this week, amendments to some provisions concerning the Child Law to provide more protection for children and guarantee their right to education, and the Ministry of internal affairs issued a statement explaining that the recent leaks related to the corruption of one of the state agencies were fabricated and that they had arrested those who spread the rumor and also arrested the father of the fugitive YouTuber Abdullah Al-Sharif and then they release after that.

The Council of Ministers approved bills amending some provisions of the laws, the first of which was approving a bill amending some provisions of the Child Law promulgated by Law No. 12 of 1996, with the aim of increasing the financial fine prescribed for violating the provisions of the Child Law to become no less than 500 Egyptian Pounds, and not more than 1000 Egyptian Pounds and the most important points of the amendment are the following:

Activists have not been defeated yet, and the report of the Committee to Protect Journalists is a revealing mirror of the human rights situation in Egypt

Egyptian activists live on the reality of imprisonment, circulation and conditional release and move between criminal courts, terrorism and state security, but they are still not defeated yet, in fact this week, a celebration took place in the French capital, Paris, with a new book by Alaa Abdel-Fattah, and Solafa Magdy and Esraa Abdel Fattah, who was also banned from traveling, were given honorary citizenship, along with Alaa Abdel Fattah, coinciding with the issuance of the report of the International Committee to Protect Journalists in which Egypt came third in the number of imprisoned journalists, revealing the status and conditions of real rights and freedoms in Egypt, and many activists were renewed this week between the criminal courts, terrorism and state security, and several activists’ detention were renewed this week.

Epidemiological situation

0 martyr
According to the Egyptian Medical Syndicate page, the number of doctors who have passed away in the fight against the Corona virus

The Ministry of Health announced that the total number that was registered in Egypt with the Corona virus is 370,819, including 308,829 cases that have been cured, and 21,155 deaths.


The Libyan elections: Has the decision to postpone the elections become inevitable? The National Unity Government announces that it will hand over power only to an elected government… The coordination of Libyan political parties refuses to postpone

It is clear that the issue of postponing the electoral process beyond its specified time (December 24) has become a reality, however, the issue of announcing it is like a fireball that each party is trying to throw to another institution, and in order to evade the task of announcing this step, the Commission is trying to use all possible vocabulary to pave the issue of postponement but these attempts will not last long, especially as we are approaching the date, and so far the final list for presidential election candidates has not been announced.

In addition, the Dabaiba government will not accept the handover of power except to an elected party, meaning that in the event that elections are not held on time, the government will continue to perform its duties, and this statement emanated from the designated Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Ramadan Abu Jinnah, as a result of a widespread idea that has occupied space in all political meetings, and in his statement he stressed that in case the elections are postponed, it is possible that the Dabaiba government will be overthrown and a new government will be appointed, and a lot of information ponts to the fact that Fathi Basha Agha is the designated candidate to succeed Dabaiba in coordination with Haftar in eastern Libya.

Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General for Libya, Stephanie Williams,

Clashes in Sebha tense the atmosphere and a Russian-Libyan agreement after the Turkish agreement

Voluntary repatriation is the magic term used by Europeans to forcibly return irregular migrants to their homelands

The remains of five bodies were discovered in Bani Walid

The General Authority for the Search and Identification of Missing Persons in Libya announced the discovery of the remains of five unidentified bodies in Wadi Maimun, south of the city of Bani Walid, according to what it published on its Facebook page, and that she directed a team from the Excavation Department to Bani Walid General Hospital to examine the bodies upon receiving a report from the Bani Walid District Prosecution regarding the remains that were transferred after they were recovered from their site to the hospital, and her team was able to take DNA samples from the bodies and refer them to the Department of Laboratories specialized in the matching process.

Regarding the latest developments in the spread of the virus in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya

This post is also available in: Arabic

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