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DAAM Observatory is one of the most promosing projects of Democratic transition and Human Rights Support Center “DAAM”. The institution is aiming via this project to develop one of its main goals, which is providing a reliable and credible information about human rights and democratic transition in the region, for their effective use by experts and researchers regardless of their projects. The observatory seeks to facilitate the exchange of experiences and expertise whether between the three countries (Tunisia, Egypt and Libya) or within each country, and to evaluate the development of democratic transition and the respect of human rights in terms of legislations, government and parties policies. This project aims to participate in the operation of legislation, by amending or drafting legal texts concerning human rights and democratic transition causes. DAAM is an independent, semi-regional and non-governmental organization established in 2015. It aims to create a climate conducive to advancing democratic construction based on the principles of human rights in its complementarity and comprehensiveness. It seeks to support and strengthen democratic participatory paths and institutions based on the principles of civil rule and equality.

Weekly newsletter

  • Weekly Bulletin from 11th to 17th of September

    Egypt Dates... The National Election Authority declares the procedural schedule for the parliament's elections Parliamentary elections in Egypt or the Regime's elections? The National Election Authority (NEA), headed by Counselor Lashen Ibrahim, and deputy president of the Court of Cassation, declared in its Resolution No. 53 of...
  • Weekly Newsletter from 4 August to 10 September

    Egypt Egypt Bribes and withdrawals in the last day of the Senate elections The internal opposition tends to run in the parliamentary elections within the individual seats only The ballots in the Senate run-off elections of 2020 took place at home on Tuesday the 8th of...
  • The Weekly Bulletin from 21 to 27 August 2020

    Tunisia The most significant title for the political life during the previous week was the negotiation of forming the government. Despite the differences among the designated Head of Government and parties at the beginning, especially that the parties' discourse focused on  excluding and marginalizing them by...
  • Weekly Newsletter from 03 to 12 august

    Egypt Egypt Supreme Media Council to monitor news media performance in Senate elections Egyptians Vote for Newly Created Senate Regarding the news of the legislative authority, the elections for the second chamber "the Senate" is ended, as what the regime has prepared it since the end of 2019. ...
  • Weekly Bulletin from 24 to 29 July

    Tunisia The ratification of the two reports of the committee concerning a basic draft law no (39/2018) which aims to revise and complete the basic law no (50/2015) related to the constitutional court. And the proposed basic law no (44/2020) aims to revise the basic...

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A sub-regional, independent, non-governmental organization, established in 2015. It aims to create an environment conducive to the advancement of democratic construction based on the principles of human rights in their integration and inclusiveness. It seeks to support and promote democratic participatory paths and institutions on the basis of civil and equality


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