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DAAM Observatory is one of the most promosing projects of Democratic transition and Human Rights Support Center “DAAM”. The institution is aiming via this project to develop one of its main goals, which is providing a reliable and credible information about human rights and democratic transition in the region, for their effective use by experts and researchers regardless of their projects. The observatory seeks to facilitate the exchange of experiences and expertise whether between the three countries (Tunisia, Egypt and Libya) or within each country, and to evaluate the development of democratic transition and the respect of human rights in terms of legislations, government and parties policies. This project aims to participate in the operation of legislation, by amending or drafting legal texts concerning human rights and democratic transition causes. DAAM is an independent, semi-regional and non-governmental organization established in 2015. It aims to create a climate conducive to advancing democratic construction based on the principles of human rights in its complementarity and comprehensiveness. It seeks to support and strengthen democratic participatory paths and institutions based on the principles of civil rule and equality.

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مؤسسة شبه أقليميه غير حكومية مستقلة تأسست عام 2015. تهدف إلى خلق مناخ ملائم للتقدم بالبناء الديمقراطي المستند إلى مبادئ حقوق الانسان في تكاملها وشموليتها. وتسعى إلى دعم وتعزير مسارات ومؤسسات ديمقراطية تشاركية على أسس المدنية والمساواة


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